Ig Nobel, the parody of the Nobel prizes that rewards the most akward investigations

If the Nobel prizes are in charge of rewarding the most important investigations, the Ig Nobel awards the most crazy and the most unexpected ones

Ig Nobel, the parody of the Nobel prizes that rewards the most akward investigations

Since 1991, the Sanders Theater of Harvard University has brought together researchers who go beyond the ordinary and put to the test 'ordinary' and 'low category' things. The presenter - and founder of this award - Marc Abrahams is director of nothing more and nothing less than the scientific journal "Annals of Improbable Research", which is based on scientific humor to present unlikely work, according to El País.

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The celebration takes place at the Sanders Theater of Harvard University between September and October, two months before the Royal Nobel Prize, in which some Nobel Prize winners take part, who are also in charge of decorating the winners. One of the prices is a bill of $10 trillion dollars, but it is Zinbabwean, in honor of Gideon Gono, who won the Ig Nobel in economics in 2009, years before he suggested issuing those notes to lower inflation in that country, according to El País.

In its 28th edition held on September 13, 2018, the Ig Nobel gala had the participation of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Eric Maskin; the Nobel Prize for Physics, Wolfgang Ketterle; the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Michael Rosbash; and another Nobel of Economy, Oliver Hart; according to La Vanguardia.

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Among the awarded research was the Ig Nobel Peace Prize, obtained by a team of Spanish scientists from INTRAS (Institute of Traffic Research and Road Safety), who found in a study that 15% of drivers usually insult and shout while manage, while 66% do so rarely, in addition, the main reasons why drivers insult is because of dangerous maneuvers and non-compliance with standards by other vehicles, according to La Vanguardia.

The Ig Nobel of Medical Education awarded the Japanese doctor Akira Horiuchi, in what was the most unusual investigation of the award, since Dr. Horiuchi showed that it is possible to perform an 'autocolonoscopy', with his own body and sitting, thanks to a small caliber instrument that allows to make the colonoscopy in a comfortable way, according to ABC.

A group of American researchers received the Nobel Prize in Medicine after finding a peculiar way of expelling the kidney stones, according to the researchers, riding the last position of the Big Mountain roller coaster of Disney World in Florida, increases the expulsion of kidney stones . The investigators left the notice of several patients who claimed to have expelled stones after having ridden in that attraction, according to El País.

In the category of Reproductive Medicine, Ig Nobel was obtained by a group of researchers from the University of Oregon, who studied nocturnal erections in patients with probable diagnosis of impotence. To corroborate the erections, patients stuck stamps on the flaccid penis , which if erected while they slept, would break the stamp in points, according to La Vanguardia.

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In the other categories far removed from medicine, such as Anthropology, the Ig Nobel was taken by a study carried out by scientists from several countries, who found that chimpanzees in zoos imitate human behavior quite frequently, in the same way as humans. people copy the behavior of chimpanzees, according to ABC.

Another group of Portuguese scientists, proved how human saliva served as a cleaning agent for dirty objects, highlighting that the golden surfaces were the cleanest with saliva, this research won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, points out ABC.

A diet based on human flesh does not provide enough nutrients to a person's body, researcher James Cole says in a study, suggesting also that those humans who resorted to this practice in the Paleolithic period were not due to nutritional purposes. This made Cole take the Ig Nobel for Nutrition, according to El País.

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The Ig Nobel of Biology was taken by a team that corroborated that the wine tasters, despite having their eyes blindfolded, are able to identify if there is a fly in the glass with just smelling it, according to La Vanguardia.

Most people do not use the instruction manual, despite buying a product difficult to assemble, says a team of industrial designers who ended up taking Ig Nobel Literature for this research, says El País.

Finally, a group of universitaries in the United States and Canada, found that employees who use a voodoo doll of their boss to mistreat him, often feel that decreased perception of injustice caused by an altercation with his boss, this research was rewarded with the Ig Nobel de Economía, according to La Vanguardia.


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