The 'bittersweet' record of Nicolás Sánchez

The Tucuman became the leading scorer in the history of 'The Pumas', but the final result was not expected for his country against New Zealand

The 'bittersweet' record of Nicolás Sánchez

The Tucuman Nicolás Sánchez, who will play in the next season with the Stade Francais in Paris, according to ESPN, reached the top eight years after his debut, when he jumped to the field as a member of the national team on May 21, 2010 against Uruguay, but it was against Chile when he opened his personal scoreboard. From there, the career of 'Nico' was growing and in 2012, with 23 years, got into the starting lineup against South Africa, in Mendoza, valid game for the Rugby Championship.

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With the national team, 'El Cachorro' has played two world cups (2011 and 2015), performing in seven games, six of them as an initialist and adding to his personal account 97 points, including a try.

With 30 years, Nicolás will have the opportunity to continue scoring in the table of maximum scorers of the national cast, as long as he is called to integrate the selected one, something that for the moment would be confirm since He will leave his current club, Jaguares de Argentina, to be in one of the most competitive leagues in world rugby: France.

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"Nico is a great player in continuous evolution. Very good kicker and very solid in defense. But beyond his virtues, is an excellent person, "said Hugo Porta to the newspaper La Nación.

To continue with the national team, 'Nico' would move away from the second box and ensure for a good time the first place on the list, as it is the only active player of Top10 scoring. 'El Cachorro' is first with 655 points, followed by Felipe Contepomi (651), Hugo Porta (590), Gonzalo Quesada (486), Santiago Meson (365), Federico Todeschini (256), Lisandro Arbizu (188). , Juan Martín Hernández (173), Juan de la Cruz Fernández Miranda (158) and José María Núñez Piossek (158).

Nicolás began his sports career at the Tucumán Lawn Tennis Club (2007/10) and then moved on to the Pampas XV (2010/11), then took a leap to the other side of the pond and formed the Union Bordeaux Begles in France (2011/14). ) and RC Toulon (2014/15), but in 2016 he returned to his country to perform with Jaguares and now returns to French territory to join the 'almighty' Stade Français Paris, according to data taken from ESPN.

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There is no worse defeat than watching the rival winning in the own backyard, as it happened to the Argentine Pumas in the match against the All Blacks, which allowed the New Zealanders to rise for the third consecutive time with the Rugby Championship, conquering its sixteenth crown Since the beginning of the 'Tres Naciones' (1996) contest, confirming its orbital power, it refers to the RTVE medium.

However, it was not all sadness in the dressing room. The game, which ended 35-17 at the José Amalfitani stadium in Buenos Aires, allowed Nicolás Sánchez, in his 68th appearance with Los Pumas, to become the leading scorer in the history of the selected 'gaucho'.

In the duel against the 'Men in Black', Sanchez scored 14 points, accumulating 655 with the national team, surpassing the mark of Felipe Contepomi (651 points in 87 games) and moving away from the third box in which Hugo Porta ( 590 so many in 58 presentations), figures consigned by the ESPN web portal .


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