Mexican art takes over Medellín

Artists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Rufino Tamayo take over the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín

Mexican art takes over Medellín

Medellín will host works of great Mexican artists of the 20th century. The Museum of Modern Art of Medellín will have the honor of receiving the exhibition "Mexico fantastic identity. Masterpieces of the 20th century "in the framework of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Coca-Cola Femsa in Colombia, works by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Rufino Tamayo will be appreciated until November 12th.

The show has 73 pieces among paintings and photographs for the public. Admission is totally free, so hundreds of people who love Latin American art are expected to attend.


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Many of the works that can be seen in the exhibition were done after the artistic revolution, pieces for which the country is recognized worldwide.

The exhibition begins with the cubism of Diego Rivera at the time he was in Europe and continues with several works by muralists such as José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros. The sample is made up of 7 large nuclei that speak of the Mexican artistic manifestations, such as the muralism where they were completely figurative.



Important representatives of the Mexican School of Painting will also be present at the exhibition, participating with works that reflect certain themes that allowed to generate national cultural identity after the revolutionary movement. The exhibition will present the avant-garde of the twentieth century and the movement of Rupture that gave in that time impulse to geometrism, abstraction, among other plastic arts.

The exhibition is nourished by an important number of portraits of the painters themselves, all of them taken by the most important photographers in Mexico, among them:

-Tina Modotti

-Lola Álvarez Bravo

-Kati Horna

-Ursula Bernath

-Rodrigo Moya

-Juan Rodrigo Llaguno

-Héctor García

-Rogelio Cuéllar

The group of Mexican artists stands out for the fantastic representation and surrealism that is booming with the arrival of European artists in the post-World War II period, where Mexican concepts are naturally found in the same space.

The Museum of Modern Art of Medellín celebrates its 40th anniversary, as the FEMSA Collection, which has international relevance. It has 1200 works of modern and contemporary Latin American art and its focus is on Mexican artistic production. Since 2000 to date, 100 exhibitions have been held in 11 countries and these have been accompanied by different activities with the presence of curators and artists.


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