10 cares you should have after a cesarean

Those women who have undergone a caesarean section should have extra care during the postpartum period to cope with this stage

10 cares you should have after a cesarean

The post-partum period is usually one of the most difficult for mothers, so there should be a lot of rest to ensure a quick recovery. However, those women who have undergone a cesarean section should have extra care to cope with this stage.

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1. Unlike vaginal delivery, cesarean section is an operation where several layers of tissue are cut and internal organs are manipulated, which requires a prolonged hospital stay and a postoperative recovery of at least 3 days. The daily Bebés and more recommends standing up after the first 24 hours to avoid gas, bloating, and constipation.

2. According to Mama Planet, you should wash your wound with water and neutral soap and then place a sterile gauze over it. Then, you should cover the wound with an abdominal band that will give you more support when performing movements that involve the use of abdominal muscles. This strip also prevents the accumulation of liquids in the area around the wound and helps the tissues to heal.

3. Breastfeed your baby correctly. The newspaper Todo Bebé recommends avoiding putting him on your belly at the time of feeding, to avoid contact with the wound. A simple way to breastfeed him is for both to place in each side on the bed, facing each other, and bringing him closer to your chest.

4. Try to get extra help at home during the first days. In this period, you should dedicate yourself only to the recovery, breastfeeding, and care of your baby; so a person who helps with housework will be essential.

5. Avoid exercises that involve strength or a high amount of movement for at least the first month, but perform those exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor and help you recover the lost tone.

6. Eat correctly. Drink about 2 to 3 liters of water or other fluids daily and eat protein-rich foods for faster healing. In addition, according to El Universal, you will have to suspend for a period of time junk food, coffee, sugary drinks, bread and white rice because they cause constipation.

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7. Put ice on the scar, as long as it does not get wet, to reduce pain and swelling. Wrap it in a cloth and let it act for approximately 15 minutes, every 4 hours.

8. Choose loose and wide clothes during the first days to avoid contact with the wound and suspend the use of heels.

9. Avoid sexual intercourse for 30 or 40 days to give your body a rest period and avoid complications.

10. According to American Pregnancy, you should see the doctor if you have a fever over 38°, sudden pain in the abdominal area, red swelling, burning during urination, a bad smell of vaginal discharge and feelings of anxiety, panic or depression.


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