Do you know how to introduce your baby and your pet? Find out here

Follow these steps so that your pet and your baby know each other in the best possible way

Do you know how to introduce your baby and your pet? Find out here

Sure your pet is so important to you that you already consider it part of the family and when your baby arrives you have wondered how you can get them to get along and create a bond. Pets usually are jealous because they feel that they are no longer the center of attention or that you no longer love them in the same way. The secret for pets and babies to get along is to introduce them in the right way. Find out here how you can get your baby and pet to start a relationship that will surely last for many years.

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1. Visit the veterinarian

The first thing to keep in mind is that a baby is much more sensitive than an adult and responds in different ways to their environment, that is why you should make sure that your dog or cat has all the vaccines up to date, is dewormed and especially that it has a stable health. It is recommended that you do this from the 30th week of pregnancy, especially if you have a cat. Also, file the nails.

2. Set limits

Your baby's things are exclusively for your baby, the same for your pet's things. From the beginning, you must make this very clear and you need to teach them both to respect the corresponding spaces. The most important thing here is that, above all, you make your pet understand that your baby's room is outside its limits and that it can only enter if you allow it.

3. Start with a small acknowledgment

What you can do for this is make your pet sniff a small piece of clothing of your baby, but make sure your pet does not bite it. You can increase the size of the garment so that your pet gets used to the smell. Once you have done this, allow them to see each other at a distance of one meter.

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4. Reassure your pet

Most likely, especially if it is a dog, is that your pet gets excited and gets a little crazy. For this, we recommend that just before introducing them formally, take them out for a walk or to play in the park for a while. Your cat can play for a while until you notice that it is calmer.

5. Stay calm and introduce them

If your pet notices that you are stressed or anxious when you are about to introduce them, it will also become anxious. The best thing is that you show security and tranquility, making it clear that you are the one who commands and that you are the one who is allowing the meeting.

When it is time to introduce them you must be accompanied by another person who has your pet, preferably with a collar, and can control it in any case. Do not make sudden movements in any case and allow your pet sniff but without making physical contact yet.

6. Allows continuous interaction

You must practice every day the interaction between the two and little by little you can allow your pet to get close and even to caress each other. The most important thing is that you allow them to show affection so that they can create a very strong bond.  


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Translated from "¿Mascotas y bebés? 6 sencillos pasos para presentarlos"

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