Augmented reality and art: Neon Carón's exhibition

Until October 28 you can see the innovative technique of Mexican artist Neon Caron in Miami

Augmented reality and art: Neon Carón's exhibition

Neon Carón is a young Mexican artist who worked in an appliance store, where he was the creative director of new businesses in the chain of stores in Mexico City. Thanks to this, he created the new augmented reality technique, capturing movement in his paintings. The vast majority of his work is based on cartoons and figures that are icons of pop culture such as Miley Cyrus or David Guetta.

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Through an iOS application and augmented reality, attendees can be placed in front of the painting and point with your Smartphone, so the figure will come alive. This is how he becomes an innovator in this technique.

Neon Carón is the pseudonym of the artist Jaime Shelley Salinas, who had as purpose to give a turn in the painting when using techniques frequently used in advertising. The painter proposes a new way of observing art, putting painting as a pretext for a new dynamic in which the message of the work is not seen by the naked eye but by means of a telephone or device, you can truly appreciate what that the artist wants to transmit. He is a pioneer in this creation of Augmented Art and "Cyborgs", being the second cybernetic organisms.


Galleries and museums are going through a time when social networks and technology are booming, Neon is very clear about it and that is why in his work he makes special emphasis on appropriating culture, since being online in At any time and in any place, the question of copyright becomes an antiquity. According to him, collectivism and open source will be the future.

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Neon has participated in important fairs such as Salas Ethos and Zona Maco 2017, his work has traveled to the Central Art Fair of Hong Kong with the signature of the Madox Galery of London, the Netherlands, the United States, and of course his country of origin Mexico. Until October 28, "An Unlimited Night with Neon Caron" can be visited at the Limited Edition gallery in the Wynwood district of Miami.


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Carón is an artist who opens the door to new proposals for image and visualization of art that begin to be used as inclusion tools in an era in which everything is within reach of a touch. His approach reveals the changes that creative cultures can suffer when incorporating technologies that move the world as their own.


Una publicación compartida por NEON CARON (@neon_caron) el


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