Empowering Latina athletes: the new Nike's campaign

With the slogan "Make yourself heard" the giant American brand wants to sensitize the women of the world

One of the most recognized brands in the world, Nike, made a commercial in which three Latinas are the center of attention. For no one is it a secret that sport is one of the institutions where the gap between men and women is most noticeable. For example, women are not well paid, some governments focus more on men, women's visibility is lower and, in many sports, they are the ones that have to break barriers in order to enter. That's why Nike used three Argentines for their campaign: Belén Casetta, Paula Pareto and Carla Rebecchi.

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Paula Pareto (judoka)

Paula Pareto is one of the best-known athletes in Latin America for her outstanding performance at the Olympic Games in Brazil in the Judo modality. For the judoka women are breaking barriers in the sports world, denying popular theory that women are the weaker sex; at the same time, Pareto spoke about his personal case with La Nación:

"The decisions that one takes breaks Barriers. If I work and compete, I am an example for many girls who put an extra effort IGNORE INTO their routine to add the sport to it. When I started studying medicine, they told me it was impossible to combine it with high performance and travel. With dedication and order, I was in charge of demonstrating that you only had to try."

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Carla Rebecchi (Hockey)

Another of the South American athletes stands out is Carla Rebecchi. This Argentine is known in her country for being the captain of the Hockey women's team; Being a reference for Latina women, Nike decided to include her in her commercial. Regarding this campaign Rebecchi dedicated these words, as reported by the portal Atletas.info:

"Since I arrived in Las Leonas fourteen years ago, we trained as professionals, but it is an amateur sport. Hockey is the sport that identifies all the girls who want to be like us when they are five or six years old. For me, it's a pride to represent a lot of girls that would like to be in my place."




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Belén Casetta (Olympic runner)

Last, but not least, is Belén Casetta. The Mar del Plata is known for being one of the most recognized Olympic runners in South America; in addition, Casetta with this campaign wants to pay homage to all those women who were pioneers in their modalities and opened the way for new generations. According to the same means, the exact words of the athlete were:

"The power of women in sports is something natural. We can always go for more. Every time we take a more important role in the sport. What you have to value always are the women who came before and opened the way. They gave us a foot to show that we can."

It should be noted that these three South Americans are a sporting reference, but they are not the only high-performance warriors in the world. In addition, and as the Argentine newspaper La Nación pointed out, in the 21st century, women are making themselves heard on the courts, in the fields, on the courts, on the tables, on the stages and in competitions all over the world. If you are a woman, make yourself listen!



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