Falcao's next target is reaching 350 goals!

The Colombian striker has already reached the barrier of 300 and focuses on his new goal. LatinAmerican Post reviews the highlights of the "El Tigre's" career

Falcao's next target is reaching 350 goals!

Radamel Falcao García Zárate began his professional career in August 1999 at the age of 13, together with the Lanceros Boyacá - Fair Play team in a match against Deportivo Pereira. After that, he was positioned until he reached the entitlement and scored his first goal against the Condor de Bogota in April 2000 with only 14 years, according to how it is reviewed on the website of the football player falcao.co. In July of the same year, he managed to score his second goal also in a game against Condor, according to futbolred.com.

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His professional career together with the Colombian team began in 2001, with only 15 years, in the South American tournament under 17 held in Peru, where he scored his first goal with the national team against Bolivia, as indicated by the same portal. In the year 2005, along with the Colombian team Sub 20 participated in the South American championship of the Coffee Axis, where Colombia was left with the title, scored a goal against Argentina, and in the World Cup of the Netherlands scored two against Canada and Syria, according to review in the newspaper El Tiempo.

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In February 2011 he reached his goal number 100 with Porto and in April 2013 the "Tigre" Falcao had achieved the mark of 200 goals as a professional with Atlético de Madrid, according to an article published in Tiempo, he scored it by marking a double in front of the Granada. "It's an important number for any footballer. This encourages me to keep fighting and to make many more goals ... "they quote in that medium statements from the Colombian.

Last October 7, 5 years after scoring his goal # 200, in the match of the French League, Monaco against Rennes, "El Tigre" Falcao reached a new record, scored his goal number 300, according to an article published in El Colombiano. However, the satisfaction was not total, since they lost with two goals against and one in favor.


In his 19 years of career, the tiger has scored on major occasions along with FC Oporto, with 72 goals and thanks to the # 300 goal, Monaco is the second club with which he has scored with 71 goals, beating Atlético de Madrid with whom he scored in 70 opportunities, according to how it is published in his official website.


However, according to some experts on the subject, they have been in reality only 294. According to Publimetro, there are statisticians who claim that Falcao accumulates only 294 goals in his professional career, since those scored in his early years, together with Lanceros - Fair Play, Sub 17 and Sub 20 should not be counted. Because the first two are in a second division team and the other four in children and youth categories.



However, Falcao made his celebration in the networks, for him and many of his fans already accumulates in his credit 300 goals, but he is not yet the top scorer in Colombia since Victor Hugo Aristizábal still retains that title with 348 goals, "says Institutofutbol .com- in his professional career.



Most important goals

According to an article by Fútbol Red where a review is made of their best moments, the following goals are remembered:

  • In his debut with River Plate on October 2, 2005, he scored two goals against Independiente de Avellaneda.
  • In the 2007 South American Cup he scored three goals against Botafogo, which ensured the team's passage to the quarterfinals.
  • When he reached European football with the Porto club, he again made the feat of scoring three goals against Spartak, which gave them a place in the semifinals.
  • In a semifinal of the Europa League against Villareal, he scored 4 of the 5 goals, establishing himself as one of the best in the world.



  • Already by Monaco, Falcao is again the feat of scoring 3 goals against Chelsea and thus guarantee the European Super Cup and was awarded the title of the scorer.



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