Would you buy an app that does nothing? 4 expensive applications

Some of these apps are useful, while others are not. However, these apps exceed the limit of what many would be willing to pay for a mobile tool

Would you buy an app that does nothing? 4 expensive applications

Many of the premium apps for mobile phones can be purchased for $ 1.99, $ 2.99 or $ 5.99. Some of them cost $ 19.99, a price that is already very high for what some users are willing to pay for a tool of this type. Now, what many do not know is that there are apps that can cost up to $ 1000. The most surprising thing is that there are people who buy these apps even when their price is exaggerated compared to their utility.

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However, mobile devices are now capable of carrying out huge tasks and many of the frequently used applications do not take full advantage of the possibilities offered by one of these devices. Maybe with better software, a more expensive one, you could really get the most out of your cell phone.

Up to $ 399.99 can cost an application in the Android virtual store, Google Play. That is the maximum price stipulated for the tools designed for this operating system, while for Apple devices applications can reach $ 1399.99. As if that were not enough, the income figure that the creator of one of these apps can earn can be higher if a periodical subscription is stipulated or if it includes internal purchases.

Below is a list of apps that reach the value of $ 1000 or more. Utility or whim? Would you be willing to buy any of these apps?

1. CyberTuner

Apple: $ 999.99

A professional piano tuner that could cost more than many electronic pianos in the market. The application was developed for three years by professional musicians and serves as a portable and advanced tool to refine this instrument with exact precision. In addition to the fairly high value of the download, users must pay an additional $ 79.99 each year to receive updates.

2. iVIP Black

Apple: $ 999.99

This application was created to have preferential treatment and exclusive benefits in places and events. In order to have it, the user must prove that he has a wealth of more than one million pounds.

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3. App.Cash

Apple: $ 999.99

This app transforms any iPhone or iPad device IGNORE INTO a virtual cash register. It allows you to manage orders, to print receipts and to keep accounts of a business: control inventories, shipments or logistics systems.

 4. Ignition

Apple: $ 1399.99

This app allows users to access any Windows or Mac operating system from an iPhone or an iPad, it allows you to manage them remotely and even transfer documents between different computers.

5. Jewels of Abu Moo

Android: $ 2399 in total

Abu Moo is an app developer who has created six of them: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. Each application represents a jewel and despite costing $ 399.99 each, they have absolutely no use. These are widgets that appear in the bottom of the cell phone screen of those who buy them and their only function is to show that they have enough money to spend on virtual jewels.

The application description says: "Are you rich and successful? Do you want to buy an expensive app just because you can? This tool is for you!" One of the most expensive apps on the market, which does absolutely nothing, except to show the world how rich and amazing it can be.


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