Meet the Latin American soccer team that wants to emulate Peru

Like the national team Inca, El Salvador aims to qualify for another FIFA World Cup

Meet the Latin American soccer team that wants to emulate Peru

The Salvadoran National Football Team dreams and prepares intensely in order to qualify for CONCACAF for the 2022 Qatar World Championship. For this reason, it is combining a mix of young players and experienced football players to give happiness to their country.

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The first challenge is to qualify for the Gold Cup after the Nations League dispute for CONCACAF where they hope to achieve the main objective. This Central American team does not qualify for an orbital event since the 1982 World Cup in Spain where it was eliminated in the first round.

According to As.com, a series of modifications have been made and priority has been given to the search for talent in the Central American country. The media mentioned that both the Federation and the League got sponsors and have been promoting the show.

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A project led by Carlos De Los Cobos

The Mexican coach, Carlos De Los Cobos, was chosen to take the Salvadoran cast back to a top-level World Cup event.

"The basis of the selection is quality and there are young people who have to put to work," said De Los Cobos to hoylosangeles.com.

This Aztec strategist led this team between 2006 and 2009, heading to the qualifiers for the World Cup that took place in South Africa 2010. During this stage, Carlos promoted a major renewal in the team and won the affection of the fans to encourage practical and offensive football.

According to statements offered to the elsalvador.com portal, De Los Cobos said he knows the capabilities and limitations of Salvadoran players. Carlos added to the aforementioned means that a step up has been started because there is a group of players identified with the desire to succeed.

Infrastructure improvements

The Salvadoran Football Federation will build a 2.5 million dollar hotel that will benefit the selected and the League teams. The website, elmundo.sv, announced that the construction will be carried out thanks to the funds allocated by FIFA for the development of the football.

In turn, Hugo Carrillo, the chief executive of the Salvadoran Federation, told the aforementioned media that the work is expected to end in 8 months. Also, Carrillo, commented in the official account of FESFUT, that for the period of 2019-2022 will be built two high-performance centers.

"We have a technician who is in charge of a long process. We hope that the results will arrive, "Carrillo assured La Prensa Grafica. This leader was appointed for a period of four years, and during his term of office, he has a large number of duties at the head of the organization.

Players to keep in mind

The defender Moisés Xavier García and the left-hander, Jaime Enrique Alas are two of the most important references of 'La Selecta' in this new cycle. "It is an honor to wear the jersey of the national team and to carry several matches makes you have a greater responsibility," Garcia told La Prensa Grafica.com.

For his part, Jaime Alas is one of the players who has been acting in the extreme left position and has had the confidence of De Los Cobos. "The professor knows me and called me to the processes. Now I'm more mature and I have to show it on the court, "Alas told elgrafico.com.

Also, Alas stressed to the media previously named, that this selection has several leaders and that they are working very well. For his part, Arturo Álvarez is another of the experience flyers that plays with the Houston Dynamo that is optimistic with this new process.

"It's a united group, with young players, who want to succeed in the National Team and hopefully so," Alvarez told eldiariodehoy.com.

Looking to the future (Data Transfermarket)

* At 23, the Salvadoran Denis Pineda acts in the Santa Clara of Portugal, has had a good level and its value is 250 million euros

* At just 21 years of age, defender Roberto Carlos Domínguez plays at the Vancouver Whitecaps and has played 16 games with the majors


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