These are the 3 technical directors that have lasted the longest in a football selection

The continuity of processes of the national combinations depends on several factors and in Latinamerican Post we review some examples of them

Do you know which are the technical directors that have lasted the longest in a football selection?

Soccer has witnessed on several occasions exceptional cases of continuity of processes by national coaches, sometimes for very long periods, but some that they consider should be renewed to strengthen the growth systems of their national teams. In Latinamerican Post we bring some well-known examples and others that maybe you did not remember of soccer coaches that fulfilled the longest stays as national coaches.

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Oscar Tabárez

Last September was announced the renewal of Professor Oscar Washington Tabárez by the Uruguayan Football Association to continue for another four years at the helm of the Uruguayan national team, as reported by the RPP newspaper of Peru. The current Uruguayan Technical Director began his process in 2006, with which he has achieved several milestones in the history of Uruguayan football, as described by Univisión Deportes: four World Cup qualifications; fourth place in South Africa 2010; Copa América 2011; Fourth Place in Confederations Cup 2013; Quarterfinals in Russia 2018.

Reassessed the trajectory of Tabárez 71 years, for another four years, we will see if the process comes to an end with a Copa America ahead, or if we will be spectators again in Qatar 2022, a fact that some doubt taking IGNORE INTO account that the new generation it has not grown with the football concepts of the veteran quarterback.


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Joachim Low

According to the 90min.com portal, the German coach recently renewed his contract to continue leading the Teutonic team until 2020, one of the technicians, along with Tabárez, as one of the ones with the most years of continuity since 2006. According to the Bundesliga website, he started in the German national team as Jürgen Klinsmann's technical assistant in 2004, when they decided to implement a change of mentality in the players and the type of game of fast passes, speed and an offensive forward instead of the lateralized classic, as the aforementioned portal describes it, converting them IGNORE INTO the famous Mannschaft as it is known up to now. 

At the moment, the run of the technical director in the Nations League of the UEFA has not been the best one with a tie and two defeats (one by win) and just one goal in favor. We will see if the performance rises again and if its process is renewed until 2022, but there is no longer such security.

Sepp Herberger

German coach for the periods 1950 to 1964, sharing the post of 14 years with the previous coaches. The portal 90min.com, describes part of its achievements: World Cup in 1954 against powerful Hungary. The Chinese newspaper Xinhua News Agency, in its Spanish version, describes that this coach directed 167 games.

How much is the ideal time of a national coach?

The Electronic Magazine Anfibia of the National University of San Martin, makes an appointment of the Italian trainer Giovanni Trapattoni, where he says: "the trainers are like the fish: after a while, they start to smell bad".

The newspaper El Tiempo, describes the question that some coaches ask themselves: When is the best time to retire? In this newspaper recounts how former coach Gerardo Martino defined this issue. "The coach has to go when he realizes that he can not do anything more to indict the team in anything having to do the number of games If you see In each game there is no response to what he raises, the time has come for him to say goodbye."

Ricardo "El Tigre" Gareca, also expressed it this way: "A DT ends when he has already tried all the possibilities and does not find the 'return' to his players, if the coach set up the team and gave him the time, and so things They do not work yet, you must make the decision to leave."

It is one of the most ungrateful jobs, where you can go from being a hero to a villain in the blink of an eye. The topic of the ideal period of a coach in the team is a complex issue since there are no magic formulas that determine the temporality of the same. There are projects that have worked and been given continuity since the bases work until the entry to the senior team, others that have not generated any changes or victories in the senior team. The truth of the matter is that the games are won by the players and lost by the technical director.


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