The political center should not dehumanize or divide

The political center, in the implementation of its ideas, need to be coherent, collective and must respect the other

The political center should not dehumanize or divide

What is the center in politics? The center in politics has several connotations. For some people, it is an area in which a determined politician picks ideas from the right-wing and left-wing and tries to be neutral when implementing them. For others, it is just the perfect place to be used by different political sectors in their attempt to be seen before their society as a balance between two extremes. In presidential elections, this phenomenon tends to be seen.

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For me, the center in politics must be the place where new ideas are debated that allow changing the realities that affect a society, without falling IGNORE INTO dehumanizing policies or that ignore the diversity, wealth and difference of the other. It has to be that place where there is coherence between what is said and what is done.

Pepe Mujica, for example, approved equal marriage in Uruguay. There the other was recognized in his difference. His life is consistent with his speech. His policies never dehumanized anyone and wherever he goes he unites instead of dividing, always taking advantage of the conjunctures of his country. Although for many he is classified as leftists, his way of doing politics responds in what for me is the center.

The center has been taken as a place where a position on situational situations is not assumed. Or better, in which a politician does not enter IGNORE INTO the national debate but occupies the places where they are not treated, that is, what is best for them, precisely because there is a lack of definition in their position. All to win votes, if we put it in an election context.

In Colombia, for example, the Democratic Center political party, in its attempt to get rid of the right-wing brand, showed a more technical and neutral Iván Duque to society, thus leaning towards the center. In fact, in the speech of Iván Duque, once he knew that he won the presidency he called for unity, dispersing the differences existing in any society.

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In this way, he showed himself as someone balanced, responding to what for many is the center. But the reality is that it has nothing to do with the center because his policies today divide more than unite. It is enough to mention his reform with the VAT to the family basket of the Colombians or to allocate more budget to the Ministry of Defense than to the Ministry of Education.

But continuing with the answer to the question: What is the center in politics ?, the teacher of the Minuto de Dios University and political scientist Robert Quintero said in an interview that: "The center is an empty space in politics that today, in the forms that are produced of the political, but also in the social transformations that have taken the whole of societies, it becomes an indispensable and disputable place for political forces. For example, Petro tried to dispute that place. It is an attempt to try to attract sectors that do not find a relationship and an ideological identification with politicians."  

 On the issue of balance associated with the Center, Quintero said: "Balance may be that which arises from bipartisan ideas in the United States," that is, those that are marked by the Democratic or Republican parties.

In conclusion, beyond ideology, what must be analyzed to understand what the center is is the implementation of ideas. If in this process it is confirmed that life, difference, the rights of human beings are elevated, that does not provoke the confrontation of a society and do not respond to personal interests or of a political party, then we will be before a true center politically speaking.


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Translated from "El centro político no debería deshumanizar ni dividir "



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