Do you know how to end your baby's hiccups?

Although it is a natural phenomenon, there are ways to prevent and eliminate the annoying hiccups

Do you know how to end your baby's hiccups?

There are many myths about hiccups, but this is nothing more than the sudden, repeated, and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm due to the irritation of the nerves that manage the muscles involved in the baby's breathing.

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It is a natural phenomenon, which is usually more annoying for parents than for the baby himself and it is not a sign of any disease or condition. In fact, some pregnant women sometimes feel the fetus hiccup from 2 months of life in the womb.

According to the newspaper Babies and more, these episodes occur due to immaturity of the nervous and digestive systems and they diminish with the passage of time. According to the baby's diary, the latter include:

  • Problems to grasp the nipple that favors the entrance of air
  • Gastro esophageal reflux that can irritate the diaphragm
  • Changes in gastric and body temperature
  • Anxiety or emotional stress

The causes of hiccups are varied, but they can be easily prevented:

  • Avoid giving your baby too hot food and try it before he eats it
  • Try your baby has a good posture when eating. Do not give him the bottle completely lying down as the baby may choke or swallow air
  • Do not force him to eat too fast or give him much fluid. Take pauses that allow him to burp and give the baby the food in small pieces to prevent him from swallowing so much air

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  • Try that the bottle nipple is not too big, nor not too small. Make sure it's always filled with liquid so he does not swallow air
  • In addition, you can always get an anti-hypo teat in pharmacies, quite effective to prevent these discomforts
  • Do not introduce foods into his diet without your specialist having recommended it
  • Do not put him in the crib without making sure he has belched at least once, he will feel uncomfortable, it will be difficult for him to sleep, and he is more likely to have hiccups.

According to the newspapers Growing happy and We are moms, there are several effective remedies to relieve your baby when you hear him hiccup:

  • Offer him water in a small teat cup, make sure he does not swallow air and stick him to your chest later
  • Tickle hid nose causing a sneeze and change the diaphragm rhythm
  • Massage his back gently by laying it on one of your shoulders so that it expels the accumulated gases
  • Cover him well and move him away from places with lots of drafts

When to go to the pediatrician?

The pediatrician can be consulted in the following cases:

  • If the hiccup lasts more than three hours: the time necessary for the stomach to empty
  • If the child is suffering: cries, is restless and has a fever


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