Amazing! 5 goalkeepers who have scored more goals than some forwards

It is not necessary to play an offensive position to score goals, and these 5 goalkeepers demonstrate that with goalscoring figures that surpass that of many other soccer players

Amazing! 5 goalkeepers who have scored more goals than some forwards

These goalkeepers are not only recognized by their saves. They also have recorded their name in the history of soccer as the goalkeepers who, despite being on the opposite side of the opposing goal, have managed to score dozens of goals. How? Either by their effectiveness in the penalties, a good aim in the free throws or including themselves in offensive plays. 

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This is the top 5 of goalkeepers who have scored goals, four of which are Latin Americans.

1. Rogerio Ceni

The most outstanding of the list, the Brazilian has dedicated his entire career to a single team: the Sao Paulo of Brazil. This goalkeeper surpassed the three figures and scored 130 goals in his career, according to 90 Min. In addition, Ceni surpassed his renowned compatriot Robinho, who scored 72 goals. He is also above "El Pocho" Lavezzi, who has scored 112 goals, according to the newspaper As.


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2. José Luis Chilavert

This Paraguayan goalkeeper not only went down in history due to the number of goals scored, but he was also the only goalkeeper to score a hat trick (three goals in the same game), thanks to the three penalties he won in the 6-1 win of Vélez against Ferrocarril Oeste, Marca points out.

Chilavert scored 62 goals in the 8 clubs he played with, the same amount that soccer player Andrés Iniesta (current Vissel Kobe player from Japan) has achieved, and more than the Belgian Ferreira-Carrasco who has scored 49 goals or the Frenchman Paul Pogba with 52 goals, according to As.


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3. Rene Higuita

"El Loco" Higuita is not only known for his incredible stops of the "scorpion" or his risky departures with the ball in the foot, but the Colombian also scored 48 goals in his career, thanks to the free and criminal shots he was encouraged to collect, reviews 90 Min. He also scored more goals than his compatriot Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, current player of Juventus FC, who has scored 46 goals in his 30-year career, according to As.


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4. Jorge Campos

Renowned Mexican goalkeeper from the 90s and early 2000s. According to 90 Min, Campos scored 46 goals, although not all were scored as a goalkeeper. In fact, he was known for changing his uniform and going on to attack as a center forward, position in which he managed to score several goals.

Despite being part of 13 different teams, all his goals were with the Pumas de México, except for a goal with Los Angeles Galaxy of the United States, according to Marca. With 46 goals, the Mexican surpasses the marks of world-class players like the German Toni Kroos, since the Real Madrid midfielder adds 44 goals in his career, points As.


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5. Dimitar Ivankov

Also known as "the penalty killer", the retired Bulgarian goalkeeper scored 43 goals. Not only those goals were scored in the maximum penalty, but he never failed a penalty shot in any of the four clubs with which he played, according to 90 Min.

Perhaps Ivankov is the least-known goalkeeper on the list, and this may be because he only played in clubs in Bulgaria, Turkey and Cyprus, says TransferMarkt. However, his record of goals can surpass those of players like the German Leroy Sané, the forward of Manchester City who currently has scored 28 goals, according to figures from As.


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