Everything you need to know about sustainable fashion

We will tell you everything you need to know about sustainable fashion so you can start wearing these garments

Everything you need to know about sustainable fashion

Some of the most important fashion brands have become aware of the importance of sustainability and are directing their creations towards that field.
It is known that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world due to the chemical processes to which the different fabrics are subjected before being used. Fortunately, the different companies are working to make this process something more friendly with the environment.

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What do big brands do to enter the sustainable fashion circle?

The main objective of any company that wants to enter the so-called sustainable fashion is to work recycling the fibers to make new garments as is the case of the American brand Re / Done that is dedicated to making new pants from the Levi 's model 501 and 505. All creations are unique because the pants are put together one by one.

Other brands such as Nude Jeans, of Swedish origin, are also betting on sustainable fashion. In this case, the objective is to minimize the use of water.
This is very important because, according to the newspaper La Nación , for each garment of denim sold in the store, 2,000 liters of water, 13 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, 1/2 kilogram of chemical substances, and 10 kilograms are used. All this, with the passage of time, has a negative influence on the environment. One of the goals of sustainable fashion will be to decrease these figures.

Sustainable fashion is not just the assembly and making of garments.

The ecological awareness that is created through sustainable fashion is gaining more and more ground and followers. As the website Sustainability for All states , countries like the United States, Argentina and Spain are the pioneers of this type of industry and great fashion designers such as Stella McCartney, Stewart + Brown, Shalom Harlow, Lucy Tammam or Frock Los Angeles are the ones who started to implement recycling and sustainability in over garments.

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What are the main characteristics of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is also based on certain criteria that are fundamental to conserving natural resources. They aspire to reduce the ecological impact of the materials used, as some companies do with jeans, for example.

Something also sought by sustainable fashion brands is to reduce the carbon footprint. According to the site Biwil.com, traditional garments are used for a while and thrown away, generating waste, which causes the appearance of the carbon footprint. Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, aims to recycle its fibers to create new garments and achieve that those that no longer have use, can join the recycling circuit without damaging the soil or polluting the water.


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