Attention moms! You could be a 'Monpet'

Have you heard this new term? Maybe you, as a mother, are one

Attention moms! You could be a 'Monpet'

The term 'monpet' has become popular in recent months among mothers. It means a mother with no personal time and is being used by some mothers who feel that they do so many things for their family that they can not even designate a few hours of their time for themselves. This led to the 'monpet' becoming a community where this problem is more visible and the roles within the family are questioned.

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La Nación, citing a study carried out by Welch's, a health and food company, mentions that "a woman with school-age children spends 98 hours a week on laborious tasks outside and inside the house, [and] that an average day It starts at 6 AM and ends at 20.30, when the boys go to bed."

The medium also mentions that on weekends, which are supposed to be rest days, mothers use them to do housework while parents do rest.

Nowadays there are more women who decide to work to help financially maintain their home, but many of them are mothers, so they must organize their time between work, their children and the many others they have in charge, such as cleaning From home.

It is clear that this problem is strongly marked by the gender roles assumed in families, so the movement seeks that these stereotypes remain in the past so that parents can also take responsibility for these tasks and there is a balance regarding the time they devote to their tasks.

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There is still much to change

It is more than clear that with the social movements of gender equality the panorama has changed a lot, but there is still a lot to be done so that all parents are clear that the upbringing of a child is a matter of two and not only of the mother.

But there must also be a change on the part of the mothers in which they understand that they are not the only ones who must fulfill certain responsibilities that supposedly must be performed exclusively by them being women, with this they will begin to have more time for themselves.

A good way in which you can avoid not having time for yourself is to designate household tasks and parenting your partner. Surely he will be willing to accept it and reach an agreement. You can also assign tasks to your children, starting by keeping their space organized, that way they will gradually become more independent and you can have your space without being worried about theirs. Also, you will be educating them so that they become responsible for themselves and in their future home they are equitable.


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Translated from: '¡Atención mamás! Podrías ser una “Monpet”'

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