Latin America could be a leader in renewable energies

The region has great potential to become a leader in renewable energy production. Costa Rica is the best example of energy efficiency

Latin America could be a leader in renewable energies

It is not a secret that the environmental situation of the planet is worrisome. Pollution, climate change, the indiscriminate felling of forests, and other alarming problems make the environment’s situation increasingly worse. However, despite the difficult situation we face, not all is lost.

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The production and implementation of renewable energies are a light of hope for the planet and Latin America has great potential. In LatinAmerican Post, we believe that the region should be a leader in the development of this type of energy, which is a win - win for producers and consumers.

An example of the production and use of renewable energies is Costa Rica. This Latin American nation understood that the sustainable use of energy is essential to enjoy safely and cleanly the benefits it brings and to end dependence on fossil fuels.

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The energy matrix of Costa Rica, according to the Ministry of Environment and Energy, uses different forms of production such as water, wind, sun, biomass, among others. The most surprising thing about this case is that this country has managed to overcome 98% of renewable energy generation through this sustainable matrix.

Other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina are not far behind. The Aztec nation, last August, put into operation a wind farm of 249 miles, with 123 turbines capable of generating up to 424 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

Brazil, meanwhile, from 2019 will also have a wind farm that will be able to produce 360 ​​MW. In the coffee country, in La Guajira, one of the departments with the greatest social and economic problems in Colombia, the construction of a park that would be a producer of 250 MW was approved. In this same country, El Dorado airport also announced that 12% of its energy will be produced through more than 10 thousand solar panels that will be installed on the roof of the building.

All these examples show us that we have to be leaders, since large renewable energy projects are already being developed. These initiatives also show the governmental and private will to create clean and renewable production matrices that do not affect as negatively as traditional matrices do.

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These projects also serve as an example for the citizens, because when they find that their governments are implementing renewable energy plans on a large scale they will be motivated to do similar actions in their homes. In Colombia, for example, a solar panel costs around COP $ 103,000 and over time households can achieve energy independence.

Leading this market will allow the region to position itself as a global example of conservation and environmental protection while betting on clean energy. Latin America has the potential and the disposition. We can only hope that these projects continue to advance, that they meet their production goals, and position themselves in a similar way to the Costa Rican case.


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