26 years with Miley Cyrus: the feminist activism of celebrities

Today is Miley Cyrus's birthday and to celebrate this event we present her not-so-hidden side: her activist side

26 years with Miley Cyrus: the feminist activism of celebrities

On November 23, Miley Cyrus turns 26. Miley is one of the most influential young people in the world and lately her influence goes far beyond her music. Many times Miley's causes have been even more famous than her songs. The actress became famous for her role in the Disney series, Hannah Montana, in which she and played a young girl also called Miley who achieved fame with her music and who is trying to continue having the normal life of a teenager, so she had a secret identity.

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Then, when she stopped being a teenager, Miley left behind her image of Disney star as she wanted to have an identity of her own. Hence her album Bangerz, in which she had a more sexualized image and some lyrics were no longer for a children's audience. During this time, Miley was responsible for having her own signature and an extravagant image that was controversial for many.

The activism of Miley Cyrus

What many do not know is that it was around that time that the activism of Miley Cyrus began. The singer created a non-profit organization called Happy Hippie Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting initiatives in favor of the LGBTIQ + young community in the United States. In 2014, then, Miley launched this NGO that would collect money through the sale of merchandising products, and that it would be donated to end social inequality among young Americans.


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She has also mixed this initiative with her music, since she recorded a series of music videos that she called Backyard Sessions, accompanied by other musical stars to promote the project. The singer and actress has also demonstrated in student, women and youth marches in different cities of the United States and always calls in their networks to social mobilization.

She is also vegan and one of her causes is the defense of animals. Last week she lost her house in Malibu in the California fires and now collects money to support her community with donations that can be made through Happy Foundation.

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Other celebrity activists

Emma Watson

The actress who played Hermione in the Harry Potter saga is perhaps the most fervent feminist on this list. She is a goodwill ambassador for the UN and has already made several interventions in assemblies of this organization in favor of equal rights. In addition, she led the #HeForShe campaign with which she invited men to declare themselves as feminists and to support activism in favor of women's rights. In this way, ending the stereotype that feminist women hate men, because Emma Watson invited them to join their cause.

The actress created in England the initiative Justice & Equality Fund, a fund similar to Time's Up in the United States, which collects money and provides legal advice to victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. She was also the first performer to win the MTV Movie Award for Best Actor, a category without gender division.

Lena Dunham

Like Miley, Lena Dunham can sometimes be controversial and awkward for many. She directs and stars in the series Girls, which explores the struggles of a group of young women in New York City. It could be said that this series addresses themes of the feminine world without fear and without shame and that it explores the ways in which a young woman can explore her sexuality and her professional life in the big city.

The actress and director expressed her discontent on Twitter when Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos scandal came to light. She expressed through several tweets her annoyance regarding this issue that she called an apology for rape, referring to those who blamed Jennifer Lawrence (the victim) for the scandal.


She founded in collaboration with the actress Salma Hayek and the design firm Gucci the global campaign Chime for change. This campaign seeks to find innovative ways to promote gender equality and to empower girls and women from vulnerable communities and away from the mass media. Within the framework of this initiative, the singer organized one of the most assisted charity concerts in history in 2013 in London, in which other artists committed to the feminist movement such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna participated.

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