6 Latinos that appear in the list of Forbes 30 under 30

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Do you know who are the artists that are part of the Forbes 30 under 30 list? Will it be Bad Bunny? Here we tell you

6 Latinos that appear in the list of Forbes 30 under 30

A few days ago, Forbes magazine released the names of young entrepreneurs, innovative and daring, who are shaking their respective industries with less than 30 years. These young talents make up the 2019 edition of 30 under 30 from the United States and Canada. According to Forbes, "the list has 600 pioneers in 20 industries," from creators of startups to artists. Do you know who are the Latinos that appear on the Forbes list?

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In LatinAmerican Post we tell you more about this, in this edition of celebrities that are part of the music industry. Some are on the list for "turning fame IGNORE INTO a force for change", others for "bringing a fresh perspective and work ethic to the US" However, all these artists have in common that they have positioned themselves in the music scene and have changed the culture.

1. Bad Bunny

Born in Puerto Rico in 1994, this Latin trap singer is slowly conquering the music industry around the world. In fact, today the artist of 24 years is considered an icon of reggaeton and trap. He has collaborated several times with renowned artists such as Drake, J Balvin, Cardi B, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Daddy Yankee.

According to Forbes, Bad Bunny "crossed the mainstream with his verse on Cardi B" I Like It ", which became his first hit on the US list." Then he adds that "Bad Bunny received six episodes of" Trap Kingz ", the first Spanish program of Beats 1". Not only is he part of the 30 under 30 in the Music section, but he is also in the Celebrities section.


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2. Camila Cabello

Winner of five awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards and two at the MTV Video Music Awards, as well as a prize at the Latin American Music Awards. Camila Cabello is an American singer and songwriter of Cuban descent who, before jumping to fame as a soloist, was part of the renowned Fifth Harmony group.

According to the magazine, last year he swept the world music scene with his single "Havana". In addition, "her solo album, 'Camila', debuted in January 2018 at the top of Billboard 200, becoming the first artist in 15 years to occupy the first place in the lists of singles and albums simultaneously." The only one that appears in this article appears in three sections of the list: Music, Celebrities and Immigrants.



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3. Lil Pump

Another born in the United States of Latin descent, more specifically Colombian. Lil Pump is a trap and rap singer, best known for his tracks "Gucci Gang", "Esskeetit" and "I Love It". Like Bad Bunny, the 18-year-old rapper's musical career began on SoundCloud. However, Lil Pump little by little was crossing to the mainstream and since then it has done nothing but devastating.

According to Forbes, "taking a 'Versace' page from Migos, (...) Lil Pump entered the mainstream with a repetitive luxury anthem," Gucci Gang. "The track reached number 3 and since then has accumulated more of 800 million YouTube videos." Like Bad Bunny, Lil Pump enters the list in Music and Celebrities.



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4. Lauren Jauregui

Born in 1996, Jauregui is an American singer and songwriter of Cuban descent, best known for being a member of Fifth Harmony. Following in the footsteps of her ex-companion Camila Cabello, the 22-year-old leaves the band to pursue a solo career. It seems that it has been on the rise since then and not only in the music industry.

According to the magazine, Jauregui "is in the midst of a successful movement towards her own career as a musician and humanitarian." She took advantage of her more than 12 million social supporters in her search for the reform of the gun law, the rights LGBTQ and international causes."



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5. Joss Favela

Singer and composer of regional music born in Mexico in 1990. He has composed songs for great Mexican bands and other personalities of the music industry, "Banda MS, La Banda El Recodo, La Arrolladora, Julión Álvarez, and Larry Hernández", according to Univisión. He is also a renowned singer-songwriter who is gradually positioning himself in the music scene in Mexico and other countries of the world.

According to Forbes, Favela was "nominated for Best Regional Album of Mexican Music at the 2017 Grammys. (...) He also won two ASCAP awards for his calligraphy, and was the youngest person to win the Composer of the Year in 2015."


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6. Jessie Reyez

Another singer of Colombian descent composes the list of Forbes, in this musical edition. Born in Canada in 1991, Reyez is best known for her track "Figures", with which she positioned herself on the Canadian Hot 100 list and made her name known to the world. Her songs also include "Body Count", "Colombian King & Queen", "Fuck It" and "Apple Juice".

According to Forbes, "Reyez was first introduced to the guitar by her father as a child." In late 2016, she released her violent anthem of anguish, "Figures", which has reached more than 80 million broadcasts worldwide. He received the most prestigious Canadian music award in 2018: a Juno to Revelation Artist of the Year." In this way, Reyez enters the list of Forbes in the section of Music and Celebrities.


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