Latin America is ready to live Black Friday

The tradition of 'Black Friday' was born in the United States in 1869, but its fame has grown so much that Latin America and the world are ready to celebrate it

Latin America is ready to live Black Friday

Everyone is ready for the celebration of 'Black Friday' and although this tradition was born in the United States, Latin America and the World joins this fever of discounts that gives beginning to the season of Christmas shopping.

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Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, and the Dominican Republic are rebounding in the region as the countries in which more transactions were made during 2017, according to a study conducted by Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) and published by the La Tercera newspaper. For that date, transactions increased by 12 percent, in relation to 2016, so it is expected that this year will approach 20 percent.

The report estimates that Chile, leader in Latin America in credit card purchases, had an increase of 59 percent of buyers with plastic money in 2017, unlike the same day that took place in 2016.

But the region has not been unaware of this growth, for the same period, Panama had growth in purchases of 35 percent, Colombia and Peru 21 percent, Brazil 9 percent, Dominican Republic 7 percent, and Costa Rica only 3 percent. It is worth remembering that most offers, if not all, are made through the internet and payments are with credit card.

From violence to enter first a local, to discounts of up to 70 percent is the outlook that will live in this 'Black Friday', a day that becomes a total 'madness' on the planet. According to a study conducted by Google Trends, in the last five years the 'Black Friday' has marked figures never seen before.

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For example, purchases in Turkey grew 4,900 percent, in Japan 2,400 percent and South Africa 9,900 percent, for an orbital average of 117 percent. In the region, Argentina increased its purchases by 376 percent and Mexico by 47.

With the ease of access to payment methods, the easy acquisition of credit cards and the massification of online purchases, the 'Black Friday' is expected to leave unimaginable amounts for 2018. Of course, if you want to buy online, be careful with the crooks who will also look for your Christmas.

How is this tradition born?

The 'Black Friday' is a North American tradition that takes place on the last Friday of November, which consists of 'crazy' discounts at major stores, kicking off the Christmas season.

However, this celebration was not created in a happy way, it all started on Friday, September 24, 1869 during an economic crisis when Wall Street financiers declared the market bankrupt, so it was called 'Black Friday'.

However, there is another story. According to History Channel, the tradition began among the small merchants of the United States, who after seeing a whole year of numbers in red, observed how the last Friday of November, prior to the beginning of the holiday season, began to generate profits.


LatinAmerican Post | Jorge Hernández
Translated from “América Latina está lista para vivir Black Friday”

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