E-commerce: the ideal job for women

The informatics revolution benefits women by allowing them leaving the informal economy, gaining autonomy and managing their work in a more flexible and effective way

E-commerce: A possible path to gender equity in the economy

With the advent of the Internet, various businesses and ventures have become more efficient and flexible for many. For women, for example, electronic commerce has allowed them to penetrate more to certain markets, including international ones, as well as to work in both their businesses and in other things simultaneously.

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According to an article by Entrepreneurs, the flexibility of electronic commerce (E-commerce) has made it possible for women to work from their homes and also dedicate time to their families. Thus, you can achieve a better balance between your careers and other responsibilities.

Industries such as wedding planning, interior design, and digital marketing, are some of those that help them work more flexible.

Through social networks, platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram can manage these businesses. Women can find better opportunities through networks like these, as well as to sustain them. Likewise, they can also increase the number of sales and build a more direct and efficient relationship with their customers.

Electronic commerce has also simplified the barriers because now women can offer their products and services across borders. The commercial world is getting closer and closer, sellers and buyers around the globe are managing to connect according to their needs.

A solution in the developing countries

In fact, according to a United Nations conference on women's opportunities in e-commerce, this is a gold mine for women in developing countries. However, it is important that in order to achieve this in the best way, obstacles must first be overcome in key areas such as education, infrastructure, and financing.

In these countries, women, seeking their autonomy, increasingly turn to these digital methods as a way to generate more income and save time and costs, as well as meet other needs.

According to this same conference, there are several outstanding examples of women in E-commerce in the world. In India, there is a trade called IndiaShop, which has eliminated men as intermediaries in the sales industry of the typical saris. On the other hand, there is also Tortasperu, a network of housewives nationwide in Peru that bakes sweets and sells them online. This has generated a lucrative job for all the women who are part of the project while taking care of their children at home.

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More work is needed to consolidate a solution

Despite this, the report reiterates the need to reinforce aspects such as infrastructure and commercial strength so that women are not limited to electronic commerce. With this, they refer to simple things like the development of secure methods of online payment.

Ms. Hanne Melin, director of public policy at eBay, said that the number of women starting their own businesses is increasing more and more. She also said that, along with this, the role of women in the business sector of countries with low levels of development is more important due to the margin of opportunity.

An article by BanglaNews24 clarifies that the Internet has revolutionized the retail industry for small businesses since they are no longer forced to invest in large structures and facilities. For example, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America and the Caribbean are operating at an average of approximately 20-25 markets. This brings significant potential to women in the digital economy through the expansion of traditional retail businesses.


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