Top 5 best environmental inventions of 2018

Time magazine made the list of the best 50 inventions. Here, we tell you the ones that enter the list because they are sustainable and eco friendly

The 5 best environmental inventions of 2018

These 5 inventions reviewed by Time magazine are incredible and help preserve the environment. LatinAmerican Post brings them together and tells you what they are about.

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1. Saving the bees

Bees play a fundamental role in the maintenance of ecosystems. Unfortunately, due to the use of pesticides, climate change, and other harmful chemicals, these insects are dying rapidly. In order to strengthen the immune system of bees, and taking into account that it will take a lot to live in a world free of pesticides, SeddLabs developed a special food for bees that strengthens their defenses through prebiotics. This food is known as BioPatties and the results so far have been positive.

2. No more smog

The 3M manufacturer created shingles that destroy smog particles (mostly produced by automobiles) and eliminate them by means of rain. This invention is inspired by the ability of trees to improve air quality. The company emphasizes that when installing this type of roof tiles in homes, roofs become powerful weapons to combat contamination by these particles.

3. Hot water with electric current

The company Heatworks developed a water heater that, instead of using metallic components to heat the water, uses electric current to heat this liquid quickly, reducing the waiting time for the water to get hot.

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Usually, heaters use large amounts of energy that are reflected in the bill. This device is more expensive than regular heaters, it costs $ 799 dollars, but it reduces energy expenditure, so it ends up being a good investment. Other advantages of this heater are that it has a compact size, does not need maintenance and can be completely replaced by the company for 6 years.

4. Biodegradable pregnancy tests

Most home pregnancy tests are made with plastic, material that causes serious pollution problems for the time it takes to degrade. This invention, developed by Lia, is a test made with paper. This is a biodegradable alternative and you can flush it away, which gives you more discretion. This product will be available from the other year.

5. Electric tractors

As Time points out, this type of vehicle is essential for the economy of the countries, because they transport goods required at the national level. However, because they work with fossil fuels, these vehicles are harmful to the environment. For this reason, a startup in California called Thor is developing the prototype of an electric truck. Using this type of truck will reduce emissions of smog, greenhouse gases, among others.


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