These are the 4 most extreme natural wonders of the world

Are you an intrepid and adventurous traveler? Do you know which are the most extreme natural wonders? Find out here

Amazing! These are the 4 most extreme natural wonders in the world

From Switzerland to Chile, in LatinAmerican Post we present you a list of the four most extreme natural destinations in the world that you should know. 

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1. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

It is one of the most imposing valleys of the Swiss Alps and is located in the city of Bernese Oberland. The word 'lauterbrunnen' means 'clear spring' or 'many springs', and it is a perfect name since in the valley there are 72 waterfalls that form a spectacular landscape. The walls of rocks that reach 300 meters are the perfect place for tourists to parachuting.


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2. Angel Falls, Venezuela

The attraction of Angel Falls is not only its magnificent waterfall of over 970 meters high and its imposing beauty. To be able to witness it live and direct you must cross, literally, an equally majestic rainforest. This trip is usually done by canoe in the months of June to December. In addition, who takes you to your destination are Pemon Indians, so if you decide to visit this wonderful place you will immerse in the culture in every way.


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3. The everest, in the border between China and Nepal

The highest mountain in the world is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, but not many can understand its majesty because with 8,848m above sea level very few people have been able to reach the top. Unfortunately, this natural wonder is also recognized by all the tragedies that have been presented in it, so if you want to visit this destination you must have a very good team and especially several years of preparation.


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4. Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert is recognized as the driest desert on the earth with an area of 105,000 square kilometers. Also, this place is known to be the best place to see the sky and has facilities where astronomical studies are done because the vision you have of the night sky is extremely clear.


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