Wedding’s off! 5 famous couples that broke up before saying yes

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It's official! Paris Hilton canceled her engagement with Chris Zylka. We present other of the most fleeting commitments of celebrities who never reached the altar.

Wedding’s off! 5 famous couples that broke up before saying yes

This year we had several royal weddings, which we expect to last long, but paradoxically, it has also been the year of separations. Many of our favorite celebrities have ended their relationships, some even with a ring on their finger. Here we list 5 of the shortest commitments of celebrities.

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1. Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Last week the billionaire announced that she was canceling her engagement to model Chris Zylka. He proposed late last year during a romantic trip that they both made in Aspen.

According to El Comercio, Paris Hilton engagement ring was valued at two million dollars. After a week of this announcement, Paris gave an interview to The Talk program to talk in more detail about her breakup. She stated that the relationship ended on very good terms and that now was a time to have her own peace. She also said that maybe her mistake is that she falls in love quickly and easily, which has led her to idealize their relationships and then disappoint.


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2. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

This commitment was really short in two ways because they engaged as soon as they started to leave and it lasted very little. The singer and the comedian, both, had each finished a very important relationship earlier this year. Grande had just left a stormy relationship with rapper Mac Miller, who had problems with drugs that she could not help him solve and who would die a few months ago because of an overdose.

Davidson, on the other hand, ended up with his girlfriend Cazzie David a year ago. When they were both single they started dating and in May of this year, with barely a month of relationship, they announced their engagement.

Since then, everything was appearances on the red carpet, couple tattoos and demonstrations of affection in public and on their social networks. However, in October and after six months of commitment, TMZ announced that the couple was separating. The singer affirmed to the media that maybe they had hurried and that they were not ready. Many believe that the death of her ex-boyfriend may be in the reasons why they split.


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3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt

One of the best-looking couples in history. Both were the man and woman of the moment when they became engaged. They met in the filming of the famous thriller "Seven", they fell in love and got engaged in the year 1995. However, after six months of commitment, they decided to end the relationship and cancel the wedding.

Recently, in an interview with Howard Stern on his radio show, the actress said that the reason for separation was that they realized they were too young to get married, because she was only 22 years old at the time. Then everyone would marry who would have children: she with the singer Chris Martin and he with the actress Angelina Jolie. Both are divorced now.


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4. Johnny Deep and Winona Ryder

To continue with romances of the nineties, this couple, known to be the rebellious couple of Hollywood, met in 1988 at the premiere of a film that starred Ryder and fell in love on the set of Edward Manos de Tijera.

They had a relationship that lasted three years but, which was very stormy and passionate. It was said in the press, that they argued loudly and frequently. They split up later, in 1993, when they had already announced their commitment. Deep had a tattoo that said Winona Forever and then, at the beginning of his relationship with the model Kate Moss, would change to Wino Forever (always drunk).


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5. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

This couple was on the spotlight in the early 2000s. So much that, according to the actor, being always on the tabloids was the cause of their breakup. The singer, however, said in a recent interview, 13 years after their separation, that it was due to the failure of the film Gigli, which both co-starred.

The couple was the focus of attention of the American paparazzi when they were together. In fact, the video of the song "Jenny from the block" of the singer shows a little bit how besieged they felt both by the press. They had even announced the date of the wedding when they announced the rupture that took everyone by surprise and about which they gave no explanation at the time.


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