Women's World Cup U17: Who won the title?

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The 6th edition of the FIFA World Cup ended on December 1 and in it, Mexico, obtained the best continental performance

Women's World Cup U17: Who won the title?

The FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup was held between November 13 and December 1 with 16 participating countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay as Latin American representatives, Japan, Korea DPR (North Korea) and South Korea for Asia, Canada and the United States for North America, as well as the national teams of Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Finland, Spain and New Zealand.

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The tournament, according to Ecos, takes place every two years and until this sixth edition, it had only had one non-Asian winner, France in 2012. Out of the rest, everything had been for Asia, North Korea (2008 and 2016), Korea del Sur (2010) and Japan (2014). However, in this 2018 the winner was Spain, after winning Mexico 2-1 in the final.

According to the Uruguayan portal Garra, within the participating teams, there were two teams that led the FIFA Ranking. On one hand,  Germany, with more European championships. Additionally was the US, who obtained the first position in CONCACAF. However, the United States fell in the group stage and Germany lost in the quarterfinals against Canada, 0-1.

In the same portal, they make reference to the current European champions, Spain, have participated so far in three World U-17 and in 2014 had achieved their best performance after falling, again against Japan in the final.

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Germany has been six times winner of the U-17 Women's European Championship, securing their place in the quarterfinals after beating North Korea (4-1) and the United States (4-0). It's best performance, in the U-17 women's world championships, was in third place in 2008 according to what is reviewed in Ovación Digital.

Canada has been present in all the U-17 World Cups and four times they have qualified to the quarterfinals. According to Garra, its main player is Jordy Huitema, who has already belonged to the national team.



Spain fulfilled its favoritism in the world cup due to its victory in the Euro and in addition to its three additional titles in 2010, 2011 and 2015 according to Ovación Digital, its pending matter was the title of the category and they already reached it.


Una publicación compartida de Selección Española Femenina (@sefutbolfem) el

According to the same portal, Ghana is one of the teams that usually participate in the tournament, despite having six participations in the six world championships, its greatest achievement was the third place in 2012. Like Ghana, Japan has participated in all editions of the event and were crowned champions in 2014, also in 2010 and 2016 they obtained the second place.



The country that organized the first edition of the U-17 women's championship was New Zealand, in addition it has participated in all the world championships, however, its luck had remained there since it had not managed to advance even to the second phase and had only won in two. parties, however, in this edition managed to overcome this "bad patch" and be in the quarterfinals, according to Digital Ovation.


The other big favorite was North Korea, after being the only two to obtain the title of champions, in 2008 and in 2016. According to Garra, his main players are Kim Kyong Yong and Ri Su Gyong. However, this time they did not surpass even the quarterfinals.



Mexico is the only Latin American country that this time managed to sneak into the quarterfinals, as in the years 2014 and 2016. On this occasion, achieved its best participation, entering the podium as runners-up in the world.


La SNM Femenil Sub-17 hará su debut en la Copa del Mundo. #u17wwc #sub17fem

Una publicación compartida de Selección Méx. Femenil Sub-17 (@seleccionfemenilsub17) el


According to the Garra portal, in four of the five editions of the World Cup the title had gone to an Asian team and only once in France (European) but that patron did not repeat itself in Uruguay, with Spain being the one that stayed with the highest honors.

Undoubtedly, the World Cups are always full of excitement and passion on the part of the fans and the players, and it is very evident that women's football has caught on and generated a great attraction among the followers of this sport, with  big numbers of spectators and followers.


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Translated from: 'Mundial Femenino sub-17: Descubre quien se quedó con el título'

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