COP24: will there be any solutions for climate change?

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The first topics discussed at COP24 make clear that it is necessary to look for quick solutions

COP24: will there be any solutions for climate change?

On Sunday, December 2, the United Nations Annual Conference on Climate Change (COP24) began in Katowice, Poland. Although it was planned to do the ceremony first, the conference went ahead because the issues to be addressed are urgent and solutions are needed. The conference will be held until December 14 and more than 300 thousand representatives from 200 different countries will be present.

The first issue to be addressed was the concern about the increase in temperature. The World Meteorological Organization released this information through the document Declaration on the state of the climate and called for attention to review the way in which it is fighting against climate change, because so far is not giving results .

" This year is likely to be among the four hottest in history , greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are at record levels and emissions continue to rise, and the impacts of climate change are getting worse. We have to do much more, and the COP24 has to make it possible", said Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UN.

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The main purpose of the COP24 is to finish reviewing and fixing the measures of the Paris Agreement, since 2018 is the penultimate year before it enters IGNORE INTO force in 2020. The current president of the COP, Michal Kurtyca, said they are " willing to work with all nations to ensure that we leave Katowice with a full set of implementation guidelines, and with the certainty that we have served the world and its people" , according to the digital newspaper La Tercera.

One of the assistants in the COP24 is United States. Donald Trump announced in June this year the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, and within the framework of the COP24 this announcement will become tangible with the position that the delegation maintains regarding the issues discussed. Bearing in mind that the North American country is one of the world's most influential powers, the concern about the implmentation of the measures increases.

What remains is to see what conclusions are reached at COP24.


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Translated from "Inicia la COP24: ¿se encontrarán soluciones al cambio climático?"