These 4 footballers do not like soccer

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Find out the famous and outstanding former players, who only devoted themselves to the practice of football for work and not for passion

Football players who do not like football? Find out who they are

Football is a sport that deals with different concepts around the world, and this has generated different curious and peculiar situations. A particular case is that of those players who were outstanding but curiously did not enjoy what they really did on the court.

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Such is the case of different players both in Latin America and in the world that only practiced in order to earn money. Some of them pretended to practice another discipline, and unintentionally they reached the football that generated all kinds of economic gains.

When they retired from football, several of them decided to leave forever, doing other activities or staying away from the press. Latinamerican Post presents the cases of footballers who excelled in this discipline but who really did not generate any kind of happiness.

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1. Batistuta did it only for work: The fact that has generated the most controversy is the one of the former crack of the Argentine National Team, Gabriel Batistuta. The portal 90min.com, released some statements of the 'Lion King' where he said he played football for economic reasons.

"I do not like football, it's just my job", were the statements made known by the former goalscorer that caused several repercussions. Although he was not happy or satisfied with what he was doing, 'Batigol' was one of the most powerful, defining, and effective attackers in the world.

The Champions channel reported that after his retirement, he decided to leave football forever because of the injuries he suffered in his sports career.

2. A Mexican who hated football: The Aztec forward, Carlos Vela, who plays for Los Angeles, indicated that he does not like football at all. In a registered publication by elespectador.com, the Mexican publicized his hatred for this discipline, stating that he only did it for work.

"I'll be honest, the truth is that football has never fascinated me so much," Vela said in a statement published by the media in question. Also, the Aztec added that every time a match ends, he does not like to talk about it because it is something that does not make him feel comfortable or happy.

Carlos played in the Spanish football, with the Arsenal of England, and with the national team, he won two Gold Cups and the U-17 World Championship.

3. Total disinterest in the subject: Former Tigres de México and Independiente goal scorer, Andrés Silvera never wanted to be a soccer player. "The truth never wants to be a footballer. For me it was always like a job, "said Silvera in a publication provided by elcincocero.com.

This former player looked more like a basketball player because of his height and was characterized by being a great header and his nose to score. In a confession made to Ole.com.ar, the 'Cuqui' said that he played football for an imposition from his father and that it served him to obtain economic dividends. After his retirement from sports, Silvera was the technical assistant of his compatriot Ramón Díaz in the Paraguayan Soccer Team.

4. He did it only for his father: Former Colombian National Team forward Iván Rene Valenciano always wanted to be a basketball player. He also wanted to become a systems engineer, but his father forced him to dedicate himself to football after seeing the great talent and power he had.

Kienyke.com noted that Valenciano was one of the most effective strikers in Colombia since he scored 269 goals in the 522 games he played.


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Translated from "¿Futbolistas a los que no les gusta el fútbol? Averigua cuáles son"

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