The next tech genius could be among us

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The use of technology comes so that people can take advantage of it

The next tech genius could be among us

It is no secret that the key to the development of any country lies in the use of technology. And not only to technify and accelerate different processes but as a tool for the intellectual growth of each individual.

Read in english: El próximo genio de la tecnología podría estar entre nosotros

With the presentation of new technologies comes digital knowledge, which allows people from anywhere in the country to access and explore the topic that is of interest to them.

Here it is important to mention that it is necessary an accompaniment by the State to create a whole strategy of rapprochement between technology (where the internet is also included) with the person, population or community. This in order that people get the most out of these new possibilities.

And is that through technology, and specifically the internet, that knowledge is democratized, allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to learn. This is where technology allows us to grow. Gone are the days where the one who goes to a University is the only one who can experiment, who can create.

From any part of the country and with sufficient interest, people cannot only create and innovate but become leaders who seek the welfare of society. All that remains is a wave full of entrepreneurship and empowerment. The solution to many of the problems of our environment may be in us and our perfect tool to reach this may be precisely the use of technology.

Faced with this, you can already see certain seeds that are beginning to be harvested. In Valledupar, for example, a robotics competition was held, where children aspire to participate in the World Cup that will take place next year.

In addition to this, students of the National University of Colombia created an accessory for a mobile device (built by biodegradable material) that is capable of measuring chlorophyll levels in plants.

On the other hand, three students from Pamplona, Norte de Santander, created a specialized video game for deaf people. While the game is at an early stage, the fact that these students have used technology for a social reason suggests that they are on the right track.

These are just three examples, of the hundreds that are surrounding Colombia. We cannot stay without the desire to start and learn. Resorting to technologies is part of the orange economy discourse that is beginning to be implemented in the coffee country.

And it is crucial, in a society where you do not always have the same opportunities. Who knows if, from this approach to new technologies, the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg or even Mary Barra can emerge. While it may seem strange and distant at the beginning, the truth is that we have to bet on technology because with this new opportunities will come hand in hand, which will help in the development of the nation.

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