117 years of Walt Disney's birth: 7 facts about his work

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On December 5, 1901, Walt Disney was born. On the date of his birth we remember his life and work

117 years of Walt Disney's birth: 7 facts about his work

Walt Disney, pioneer of the modern American animation industry, would celebrate 117 years of being born this December 5 . His life was framed by creating one of the most lucrative companies of the time: Walt Disney Animation Studios, which started as a family business with his brother Roy: a producer called Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. In addition to a great businessman, he managed to innovate in matters of animation and film production.

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Here we tell you some facts about his life and his films:

1. Since young, Walt Disney went to the forest, where he took inspiration for his drawings. From this place came the inspiration of his favorite movie: Bambi.

2. Walt Disney was consolidated as the person with the most Oscar awards. He has received 60 nominations and 26 Academy Awards , of which 4 were honorary, after his death. Mary Poppins was the first Walt Disney Studios film to be nominated for Best Film of the Year. This film, which mixes animation with reality, won 5 awards from the academy.

3. The most recognized mouse in the world appeared for the first time in Plane Crazy, a silent and black and white show. At first, Walt Disney wanted to call him Mortimer and his wife convinced him to call him Mickey Mouse. The birth of the iconic mouse occurred due to the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the original mascot, whose rights were lost as Charles Mintz declared him a Universal Studios character.

4. Silly Symphonies was the first series to use Technicolor, an innovation by Walt Disney Studios that deals with color processes in motion. The saturation and exposure of colors were what made this technology a pioneer in the industry. This series, which featured 75 short films, was the setting where Donald Duck was introduced. Later, Technicolor technology was used in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasy.

5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , premiered in 1937, was the first movie filmed with the multiplane camera. This camera was patented in 1933 by Ub Iwerks, another parent of Walt Disney Studios and refers to the movement of some sheets to create movement, in this way the image gets a greater sense of depth. This was a revolutionary invention in the animation industry, because it did not have to create the movement of the image in different frames.

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6. In 1955, he opened Disneyland (in California), where he had an apartment on the main road of the park and considered it his dream come true. Although he worked for the creation of Epcot, he died before being able to see it inaugurated.

7. In 1966 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died on December 15 of the same year. His vice for smoking began during the First World War, while working for the Red Cross. When he died, his company was valued at 20 million dollars and distributed his shares in this way: 45% for his wife and children, 10% for his sister, and the remaining 45% went to different charities and NGOs that he chose while he lived.


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