Christmas is here! 4 tips to decorate your home while being ecofriendly

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If you still haven't decorated your home this Christmas season, we will help you to do it in an ecological way

Christmas is here! 4 tips to decorate your home while being ecofriendly

Since November we began to see Christmas decorated houses and listen to Christmas carols, but maybe you still haven't decide on the ideal way to decorate your home. For this holiday season, we recommend you to be green. Much of the traditional decorations are not friendly to the environment or waste a lot of energy. This is why we bring you these decoration tips that will not only help you to be ecological, but will also give a different touch to your Christmas.

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1. Do not cut the Christmas tree

This is not very common in Latin American countries, but it is in North America, where there are lots of pine trees and there is winter season at this time. Do not buy these trees, because, besides promoting the felling, it means an annual waste of pines. Then, in January, it is customary to throw the trees to the streets.

A synthetic Christmas tree that you can reuse every year is the ideal choice. You can even decorate the plants that you have in your house and in this way you have a natural decoration without the need to cut down trees.

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2. Do not use icopor

Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene is not an ecofriendly material. For its production, there ared used non-renewable natural resources because it is a plastic derived from petroleum. This material can take up to 500 years to degrade. Although there are already many industrial techniques to make it reusable, we must take care of the excessive use of this material.

In Christmas decorations, it is usually used to simulate snow. We see Christmas villas using small balls of icopor. All this, not to mention that the appearance of snow, although it usually resembles Christmas, does not apply in our Latin American context, where this time of the year is summer. So this time we propose to adapt Christmas to our context and also reduce the use of icopor in Christmas decoration.

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3. Reuse your decorations

There are several fun ways to decorate your Christmas tree and they do not require a lot of money, so it is friendly to the environment and your pocket. A good idea to decorate your tree is to use toys that you used as a child and that you have cornered in your home. You can wash them and tie them to the tree with Christmas wire. You will be surprised of everything you can find in your house. Another good idea is to decorate the tree with family or friends photos, giving it a personal touch. Many decorate their Christmas trees with old photos of those who live in the house or even with Christmas messages and postcards.

The decorations made in wood are perhaps the most ecological. Always remember that the material of your decorations does not matter, to increase the useful life of these is the most important thing. Try to reuse them year after year!


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4. Save energy

One of the most beautiful things of Christmas, it is to see the streets and homes illuminated. Unfortunately, this does not help to save energy. However, you do not have to sacrifice Christmas lights for this. Today there are many types of energy-saving lights with which you can decorate your tree and the outside of your home . Remember not to leave them on all day and all night.


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Christmas is about spreading love and happiness, and one way to do it is to use the decorations to celebrate and share with the world. We encourage you to follow these tips and give love to our planet during this Christmas season.



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