Find out which are the sport leagues that make more money!

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Only one league of soccer is among those that generate more income, the rest is dominated by the United States 

Find out which are the sport leagues that makes more money!

Soccer may be the most popular sport in the world, but this doesn’t mean it is the most lucrative. In fact, the latest reports from the research firm Deloitte, reveals that according to football statistics, in the 2017-2018 season, only one league is among the five most lucrative in the world.

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This league is the English Premier League, which during the most recent full season generated 5,297 million euros, which is equivalent to 265 million euros per team that participates in the league.

In general, the performance of the Premier League was good during the last season, registering according to CNN Business a total growth of 25% more than last year. In addition, the English first division continues to create distance with its more immediate pursuers: The Bundesliga of Germany and The League of Spain.

However, the first three leagues, of any sport, that generate more income continue to be American. The NFL, of American football, the NBA of basketball and the MLB of baseball, takes the first three positions on the list.

The NFL, the richest league in the world

In total, during the NFL's 2017 season, all the teams participating in the league recorded revenues of $ 8.2 billion according to a report obtained by Bloomberg, a growth of 5% over the previous year.

These numbers show that, despite the controversies in which the league was intruded because of the movement initiated by the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who kneeled during the United States anthem, the NFL does not seem to stop growing.

However, as President Donald Trump said, the television ratings of the league have dropped considerably, almost 10% according to the Quartz portal. Now, the fall in the television audience should not affect the financial performance of the league, because the distribution contract will remain the same until 2022. If the numbers do not improve, for that year, the league could report a decrease, unless it manages to negotiate a good television contract.

The way in which the public knows the financial performance of the NFL is peculiar, since all the teams, except one, are private companies with no obligation to disclose their income. The only non-private team, the Green Bay Packers, has the responsibility to communicate the financial results to its more than 300 thousand shareholders, and it is from this report that most of the knowledge about the league's profitability is derived.

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Brazil's soccer leads in Latin America

Within the Latin American leagues, the Brazilian Soccer Championship is the one that generates more profits. In 2016, it generated a total of 1,298 million euros for its clubs, according to the Globoesporte portal.

Thanks to this, the first division of Brazilian football is the twelfth richest sports league in the world, behind the French Ligue and ahead of the baseball league of Japan, the Nippon Professional Baseball League.

Several positions behind, we find the league of Mexican soccer, the Liga MX and the First Argentine Division, that are surpassed in gains by leagues like the second division of Germany and the Korean leagues of Soccer and baseball.


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