The Golden Globes: let's celebrate diversity!

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The nominees are already known for the Golden Globe awards, which reward the best of cinema and television. Among the nominees, we see more and more diversity

The Golden Globes: let's celebrate diversity!

Last week the Hollywood Foreign Press Association released the list of nominees for the Golden Globe Awards, which recognize the best professionals in the film and television industry. The ceremony will be held on January 7, 2019. The list of nominees this year feels different. Although we always see some diversity, given that the industry is increasingly diverse and inclusive, sometimes it seems that these awards are granted to the most politically correct productions and not necessarily to the best ones. This year, however, it seems that at last, the change is taking place organically. A black superhero and a group of drag queens can be counted among the nominees. Here we show you the reasons why we love this year's nominees.

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Black Panther and the first black superhero

This film is the proof that commercial cinema can be also demanding and of very good quality. The black panther is the first African-descendant super-hero to star in a Marvel movie. Although we have seen black superheroes in the movies of the Marvel universe before, these are usually the companions of the protagonist, the assistants. Now, finally, Black Panther has its own movie. And not only that, the film is vindictive, it has race awareness. Tells the story of T'Challa, who must return to his Wakanda nation, in Africa, to save his people and with it all humanity. This, not to mention the reference to the Black Panthers, black, socialist and revolutionary organization that was active in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s. Black Panther is nominated for Best Dramatic Film.

The Disney princesses reimagined

Ralph breaks the internet is the sequel to Ralph the Demolisher. This time Ralph and his friend Vanellope leave the game and get IGNORE INTO the crazy world of the internet. There they explore the universe of social networks and among the places of their adventure is the Disney franchise itself. There Vanellope meets the Disney princesses and holds a conversation with them. Here, Disney makes fun of himself and reevaluates the stereotypes that he has previously promoted with his female characters. When had we seen Disney self-criticize? This also does so while the little Vanellope becomes herself in an antithesis of these princesses and is herself the superheroine of his story. This movie is nominated for Best Animated Film.

Alfonso Cuarón returns, this time with a Mexican theme

The Mexican directors seem to be sending the stop in Hollywood. The triad Cuarón-Gónzález Iñárritu-Del Toro does not miss a year in which the Mexican presence in these awards is not felt. Cuarón devastated in 2014 with his film Gravity, in which a woman was trapped in a spaceship. What makes this occasion different is that it is now nominated in different categories with a local theme production. It is about Rome, which tells the story of a family in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City during the 1970s. This film won the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival and is now nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay in the Golden Globe.

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The other side of the New York eighties and the nineties Miami

The new series of Ryan Murphy, Pose, is nominated for Best Dramatic Series and Best Actor in a dramatic series. It tells the lives of a group of LGBTIQ + youth who have been expelled from their homes and then welcomed by Blanca, a drag queen, during the 1980s in New York. The series has a cast of trans actors and was brought to Latin America with inclusive language subtitles. The presence of Pose in the awards puts on the table, in addition, the discussion on the division by genres in the categories of the prizes.

Ryan Murphy also has four other nominations for another of his series produced by Fox. It is The Assassination of Gianni Versace, the second installment of American Crime Story. As its title indicates, the miniseries tells the story of the assassination of Gianni Versace while taking a look at the gay scene in Miami during the 90s and denouncing the atmosphere of homophobia parallel to this movement.

Feminism is present in the awards

Elisabeth Moss and Yvonne Strahovsky are nominated for their roles in the series The Tale of the Maid. This series, based on the books of the Canadian author Margaret Atwood, show us a dystopian world in which a totalitarian regime forces women to be sex slaves and takes away basic rights that we have already won such as the right to education, work or have properties. In this not-so-distant future, a maid tries to survive.

Thus, the Golden Globes are full of diversity not only racial and sexual but also formats and themes. We now see how in the cinema and television the protest issues are no longer done in an obvious and politically correct way. This year's nominees show that the only way to make race claims is not just by telling stories of slavery. You can make denunciation with stories of superheroes and feminism with science fiction.


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