Do you know how to take care of your pet during the holidays?

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Find here some tips to take care of your pets during this time of the year

Do you know how to take care of your pet during the holidays?

Although the end of the year festivities usually fill us with joy and be cause for celebration, it is possible that our pets may feel discomfort or even suffer from the noises of fireworks technics due to their hearing sensitivity.

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Our pets, according to the newspaper El Clarín, can hear imperceptible noises for the human ear, so the fireworks technic games provoke in them a state of excitement in which they are unable to control their impulses.

This is why we present some tips to take care of your pets during this time of year:

1. Create background noises that allow you to mask the outbursts, either through the music or the television. You can also put plugs to decrease the perception or use a tranquilizer prescribed by your veterinarian.

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2. According to the Minuto Uno newspaper, you can leave your pet in a room making sure you have plenty of room to move around. Remove the items that can be broken, do not leave the animal tied with chains that can hang it and do not leave in your reach elements that can hurt it, such as windows, cables or glass elements that could damage it when falling.

The important thing is that they are a safe space where you can not escape, leave it with enough water, fresh food and any toy or accessory that you like. Although nurseries can work, it is best that the animal is familiar with the place to avoid possible frustrations. Given the possibility of escape, it is essential that your animal is identified with a necklace that has your number and your address.

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3. Avoid overloading your dog or cat with pampering, hugs or caresses during celebrations. Give him his space and let him find a place where he feels more comfortable and "protected".

4. The infobae newspaper also recommends telling the pet what is happening. If you are going to accompany him during the fireworks, send the message that there is nothing to worry about so that he relaxes. He shows energy and excitement about artificial games and he will learn to be less worried.

5. Pay attention to some warning signs and ask for help if necessary: salivation, urination, and more frequent defecation, bluish discoloration of the tongue and gums, dilated pupils, panic expression, marked the increase in heart rate and respiratory rate and lack of coordination and inability to stand up until reaching a state of unconsciousness.


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Translated from "¿Sabes cómo cuidar a tu mascota durante las fiestas?"

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