Manolo Cardona plays the real James Bond

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Claro Video has released "Rubirosa", a series that portrays the life of the versatile Dominican playboy, the inspiration for James Bond

Manolo Cardona plays the real James Bond

It seems difficult for a Latino to play James Bond. However, the "authentic" Bond is Latin American: Porfirio Rubirosa. Now, Claro Video has taken him in to the screens in the Rubirosa series, starring the Colombian Manolo Cardona. It tells the story of the Dominican diplomat who was the inspiration for Ian Fleming to give shape to his mythical British spy, according to the newspaper La Razón.

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With 12 episodes, good distribution and production, Rubirosa took risks producing something different in the universe of Latin American series. Taking advantage of the success of La Hermandad, Claro Video makes its next move to stop being a distribution platform and become a strong producer, at least in the region, because it is still far from the big ones: Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Fox , etc. In this regard, the general manager of the Mexican platform commented: "Rubirosa is undoubtedly a project with great production values and an extraordinary international cast. It is a different Latin American proposal thanks to its plot and actions, we are really satisfied with the result and it is part of the Claro Video growth plan as a generator of quality content, " according to El Universal de Colombia.

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Who is Porfirio Rubirosa?

Porfirio Rubirosa was a true character, comparable to Howard Hughes, Tony Stark or James Bond. Because of his personality, political and romantic relationships, in addition to the historical moment he lived, he was able to contemplate the transformation of the world in the first row. Cardona plays the Dominican from his years in Paris, while in the Dominican Republic happened the meteoric rise to power of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. For Manolo Cardona it is equivalent to a kind of "Latin Forrest Gump", since he was present in the most important events of the 20th century, assures La Razón.


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Along with Manolo Cardona, like Porfirio Rubirosa, there is Damián Alcázar as Leónidas Trujillo. The Mexican adds another corrupt and tyrannical character to his successful list. He told La Razón: "Trujillo is a chiaroscuro character, but giving life to a Dominican was the difficult thing." Well, in addition to the characterization, there is the development of a character based on a real person. Alcázar is characterized by his deep work in acting, being faithful even in the smallest detail.

In the same way as James Bond, Rubirosa shows in each chapter the relationship of the main character with women, which earned him international fame at the time. Ana Serradilla, Carolina Guerra, Margarita Muñoz, Ludwika Paleta, Natalia Varela and Tessa Ia, are the ones who complete the cast of the series, playing a decisive role in the way in which Rubi, as Rubirosa was also nicknamed, will perform in front of the Trujillo regime.


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The production work was a challenge, without the big budgets of the American, British and even Spanish series, Rubirosa has portrayed the time ingeniously so that Paris and the Dominican Republic of the 30s look authentic. The production traveled to Germany, Cuba, the United States, France and Spain to reconstruct the different historical moments. The difficulty of representing characters from real life is in the characterization and the costumes, which have been resolved in a good way. Faced with the wave of narcoseries and biopics, having a series of epoch with elements of espionage, politics and real history, becomes really attractive.


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