Christmas season: 5 gift options for Earth

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Here, you will find 5 gift options for the planet. The best part is that you do not need a big budget and you can give it the complete list

Christmas season: 5 gift options for Earth

Do you already know what you are going to give the planet this holiday? If the answer is no, here are 5 options for you to choose the one that best fits your budget and lifestyle. Remember that December is to share and do good, so this is the best time to contribute to improve the planet’s situation.

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1. Volunteer for the environment

The conservation and protection of the flora and fauna are fundamental for the planet to be in balance. For this reason, there are different volunteer programs that are dedicated to safeguard nature.

You can sign up for one of them and help the planet reforest, stop losing species of animals and plants, reduce pollution, etc. Searching on Google you will find countless foundations and NGOs that are dedicated to this work.

We recommend you to get in touch with the UN volunteer program that has a worldwide presence and has governmental and international support.

2. Plant a tree

"Who has planted a tree before his death, has not lived in vain," says an Indian proverb. To do this, be sure to plant endemic species from the place where you are and do it in a place where you will not affect infrastructure or ecosystems.

Although each tree, depending on its species, age, and height, produces a different number of liters of oxygen, planting one would assure an average production of 42 liters of oxygen, according to Muy Interesante.

3. Eat less meat

Livestock is responsible for several problems the planet faces. For example, the change of land use for animals such as cows graze, the gases produced by this industry -especially methane-, the excessive consumption of water, etc.

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That is why reducing our consumption of meat will greatly benefit the planet. According to the documentary, "The hidden cost of hamburgers," a cow produces 4 liters of methane gas daily. As there is less demand for meat, the generation of this polluting gas will be reduced.

Also, try to buy and consume organic vegetables and fruits. This way you can be sure that pesticides and chemicals that affect important insects such as bees have not been used.

4. Use the bicycle

The emissions of greenhouse gases and toxic particles produced by automobiles that run on fossil fuels are highly damaging to the planet and human health. On the one hand, these emissions are among those responsible for the global temperature increase, which ends up being climate change.

On the other hand, polluting particles and gases affect human health and can cause breast cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and affect the physical and cerebral development of babies.

For this reason, traveling by bicycle will be one of the best gifts for the Earth and you will also benefit from it, since you will exercise and improve your physical condition. Another advantage is that you will spend less time in traffic.

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5. Avoid the use of plastic

Plastic is one of the most harmful materials for the environment. It is responsible for the pollution of seas and oceans and takes centuries to decompose. Many products that we use are made of plastic, so using other types of packaging and alternatives will be an excellent gift for the Earth.

You can use glass bottles, buy items made of recyclable or eco-friendly materials and above all, do not use single-use plastic. Avoid, whenever you can, the usage of straws, plastic bags, cutlery made with this material, etc.

When you use things made of this material, do not forget to recycle or reuse them. Currently, there are several alternatives to recycle like the eco-bots that give you coupons when you deposit bottles.


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