Horoscope: Pluto brings important changes in your life

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This week will bring important, intense, and inevitable changes

Horóscopo: Plutón trae cambios importantes en tu vida

Aries (March 21-April 19)


Pay special attention at the beginning of the week, since the moon will be transiting your sign. Therefore, you will feel with great enthusiasm, vitality and initiative in any activity; especially in those that require a great expenditure of energy, such as exercising some sport, hobby or adventure. You may think that this week will be the best for you. However, behind the curtain of enthusiasm, powerful transformative tendencies are being handled as to what you restrict.

Sometime between Monday and Tuesday, the Moon will be in tension with Pluto. This will dull your enthusiasm, but do not resist change. Pluto is an energy as powerful as it is inevitable. Do not resist it, especially if the change happens in your professional or reputation area and even more if you are an Ariano from April 10 or around. This energy is slow ... very slow and we know that's not your thing, right Aries?

Taurus (April 20-May 20)


You are one of the most favored signs this week! You have a great opportunity to get carried away by the change. Now, that Pluto, the great transforming planet, goes for your brother Capricorn, you have the opportunity not to resist, but to see the change as a step-by-step staircase.

If you were born from May 10 to 12, this change will be even more evident. However, this does not mean that it is a path of roses. If you refuse to change, the portal to personal growth will be destroyed. It will have important consequences in your destiny so do not do "avoid" "ignore" a viable option. Now that the year is ending, it is a good time to define what your next level will be. Very harmonious and positive energies come to build and grow your known terrain.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)


In your case, the weekend will be the most important moment of the week, because the moon will go through your sign. Jupiter and Mercury are almost opposite to you, especially if you are a Geminian from June 1. This means that the energy of your essence is opaque to make room for the "other" in the environment.

Obviously, the situation has positive as well as negative consequences. On the positive side, it makes you receptive and empathetic. In the negative, it makes you passive, without much action energy and, therefore, you can leave your essence aside. Remember who you are, Gemini. There will be a strong tension between Friday and Saturday that will remind us that we have to balance between the concepts of peace, truth, and ambiguity.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


For the weekend, the moon will be full in your sign and this represents a great energy privilege. If you are from the 1st of July, you must integrate your responsibilities to what you consider to be welfare. This way you can prove to yourself that you are resilient, resistant, and capable of overcoming any obstacle that gets in the way of that "well-being".

Sometimes what restricts us makes us more solid, because it shapes our character. Under the full moon, you will have the opportunity to initiate projects, plans that feed your spirit and that favor you in terms of documentation and procedures.

Leo (July 23-August 22)


Like your brother Aries, pay attention to the beginning of the week, since the moon will be transiting by that sign. The moon will be in fire energy on Monday and Tuesday. If you were born between August 1 to 5, you will have to pay special attention, because the energy will be stronger for you.

The week, despite the beautiful spirit of enthusiasm that leads to Jupiter in your brother Sagittarius who promises us wonders, it carries some obstacles that will mean small readjustments in your life, especially in the emotional area: both the family and the most hidden, the most instinctive and passionate.

The moon of fire must be your fuel to channel your energy towards overcoming. Do not evade things, Leo. Do not run away from what you know you have to face. Also, with Venus in your complicated Scorpio friend, it will be necessary to reevaluate what you call love, meditate and reflect if it really is.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)


If you are from September 10 or around those days, it will be an excellent time to consider a great transformative change in your life from now on. Like your brother Taurus, this does not mean it's an easy change. However, it will be easier than usual and you will be able to analyze it calmly this week.

It is also an excellent time to strengthen ties with those special people in your life. Maybe, a proposal or plan to live together. In short, this week will be an appetizer for the following year and will bring very important changes in your life.

Libra (September 23-October 22)


Venus, your ruling planet, continues in your neighbor Scorpio, an intense and passionate sign in every sense. Your feelings along with the moon are quite refreshed after the weekend.

Peace and fulfillment will be put into play these days and you will find a good time to enjoy with security and confidence, either with yourself or with the people around you. Do not forget that obstacles and death are part of the landscape.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)


Pluto, your ruling planet, will be multiply aspected this week by the other signs and this allows you to help your friends and family to cross the dunes of intense and profound change. Death and transformation is a subject that may come to repeat itself in your conversations, especially if you are of the ascendant of the scorpion.

For you, this topic is very intimate and personal and you only share it with the people closest to you. However, you will realize that the consciousness of the collective begins to awaken and that it is worth sharing your secrets to make the world a better place, as well as broadening your perspective on life.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)


Being your birthday is hard for things to go wrong, right, Sagi? Even so, the world keeps turning and we see that this week you will spend it with an uncomfortable tension between your ruling planet, Jupiter and Mars in Pisces, your complicated friend. What does this mean? You must bear in mind that your will and your desire to undertake and contemplate life go in the same direction.

The human being tends to channel his action energy towards his first obstacle to "murder" him. Mars in Pisces makes us channel it through evasion. Is it worth not paying attention to our obstacles in order to live in peace.

Sagittarius, you tend to be the sign "without filter", the devil's lawyer many times who gives everything to find the truth. Pisces does not care about the truth, but peace. You will have to reconcile these energies that have their frictions and tensions from time to time. Like your fire brothers, focus your energy at the beginning of the week. If you do not, it will be a bit late to learn something valuable.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)


If you are a Capricorn from January 10, an important conjunction between your natal sun and Pluto will be presented. Generally, the planets present us with an astrological climate but do not determine our actions. Pluto is a different energy, because it is so unconscious, secret and intense that it seems to be inevitable.

No one escapes the Plutonian energy, because it feeds from our fears, the cracks in our philosophy, the emptiness, the negative energy that sometimes becomes so important that it becomes real. Resisting implies a destruction with very painful consequences.

Pluto implies a rebirth after a death. Probably, you are experiencing intense transformations at the psychological level and in your very essence. Take this change as positive. Remember that what does not kill you forever makes you stronger.

Aquarium (January 20-February 18)


It seems that you are tasting more and more a very important change or transformation that you would only believe real in dreams or nightmares. Remember that this change is not a definitive and that, however intense it may be, you will survive it. On the positive side, changes make us stronger, wiser and more projected to evolution.

At the moment, there are no energies that indicate that the change of which I am speaking will happen soon. Now that transformation you avoid it, you ignore it and you happen to worry about more important things. It's your decision, Aquarius. Now there are aspects of your life that should also be taken care of, but remember that the more you contemplate change as a possibility, it will give you greater opportunities for growth and will broaden your vision.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)


This week you can be in a contemplative state, but active at the same time. Right now you seem to look to the earth and see a labyrinthine scenario that changes as events unfold.

You have the important key of intuition in your hands, but it will be better not to get involved in situations that do not correspond to you, even in those that seem to be obviously unfair. Your empathy sometimes plays like a double-edged sword if it becomes personal. Be merciful and compassionate with your relatives, but do not take sides. Mars in your sign can become confusing if you channel it against your own essence.


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