2018: the year of River Plate over Boca Juniors

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The supremacy between River and Boca changes between seasons. This year the team 'millionaire' of Argentina had the power over the 'xeneizes'

¡Duelo de titanes! ¿Qué superhéroe se llevará la taquilla de diciembre?

The new era of continental confrontations between River and Boca began in the Copa Libertadores in 2004, in which the second team won in the semifinals after a dramatic penalty shoot-out and two crashed games, which even left the goalkeeper cut off. Boca, Roberto Abbondanzieri. The final of that year was lost by Boca against Once Caldas.

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As you may know, a few days ago, the millionaire team beat the Xeneize in an atypical final that took place at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid. Juan Fernando Quintero's kick opened the way of the title for those directed by Marcelo Gallardo. That victory over the 'Blue and Gold'  group confirms, even more, the supremacy that the 'millionaire' team has had over its lifelong rival in recent years, and especially in international tournaments.

In LatinAmerican Post we review the last years of confrontations between both, and in which the white and red stripe have come out very favored, especially in this 2018.

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Since 2014

That year they faced each other in a semifinal, but in a different scenario: the Copa Sudamericana. River had come to eliminate Libertad and Estudiantes de La Plata, while Boca had done the same against Deportivo Capiatá and Cerro Porteño, both from Paraguay.

The first game, played at La Bombonera, was vibrant but ended goallessly. The second match was played at Monumental de Núñez, where the River Plate roster won 1-0 with a solo goal by Leonardo Pisculichi. After advancing to the final, River was defeated by Atlético Nacional from Medellín.

The second confrontation took place in the Copa Libertadores of 2015. This time, the turn was in the round of 16. In comparison to 2014, Boca was the one that had a better game. It had devastated its group, achieving six victories in the same number of games. On the other hand, River advanced second on its group, behind Tigers of Mexico, with a balance more negative than positive: in six parties disputed, they only obtained the triumph in one.

The superclassic is played at another price and this was demonstrated by the 'millionaire' team, which on the first match won 1-0 with a goal by Carlos Sánchez. On the return, the game finished in tables after the players of River were attacked with pepper gas when they left to the field to dispute the second time.

Conmebol sanctioned Boca, handed the points to its rival and a direct pass to the classification to the quarterfinals. The club, which at that time was also directed by Marcelo Gallardo, took a great soul impulse, reaching the final and, finally, the title.

2018: Absolute domain

Three years later, they crossed again to play a historic and eventful final, whose return had to be played in Spain. They won 5-3 on the 'Millo' on the global scoreboard to close a year-round against their backyard rival.

Overall, 2018 has been one of River's greatest dominions over the 'bosteros', which did not win any match over their archrival this year. A ranking elaborated by Marca showed their year:

  • Summer Tournament - River 1 vs. Boca 0: goal by Rafael Santos Borré
  • Supercopa Argentina - River 2 vs. Boca 0: goals by Gonzalo 'Pity' Martínez and Ignacio Scocco
  • Superliga Argentina - River 2 vs. Boca 0: goals by 'Pity' Martínez and Ignacio Scocco
  • Copa Libertadores Final Round - Boca 2 vs. River 2: goals by Darío Benedetto and Ramón Ábila / Lucas Pratto and 'Pity' Martínez
  • Copa Libertadores Final Round - River 3 vs. Boca 1: goals by Lucas Pratto, Juan Fernando Quintero and 'Pity' Martínez / Darío Benedetto
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The overall record, however, remains in favor of the Boquenses, although now with just 12 wins ahead of River. According to goal.com the 'Blue and Gold' have reaped 134 wins against 122 of the 'Millionaires'; 115 ties have been registered.


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Translated from "2018: el año de River Plate sobre Boca Juniors"

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