They're back: these 3 coaches return to their teams

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Some people may think that the departure of a coach has no turning point. However, these coaches have returned to a team on more than one occasion

They're back: these 3 coaches return to their teams

Sometimes the relationship between a football team and its coach can get tense and create controversy, either due to poor team performance or due to problems with the players. However, this is not the case with these coaches who have returned to a team at least twice.

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Jupp Heynckes

In his start as Technical Director, the German, trained Borussia Mönchengladbach from 1979 to 1987, despite the long period, Heynckes did not win anything beyond a third place in the league and a lost final in the German Cup. After 19 years, Heynckes returned, but this time he would have to resign in the same season after spending 14 days without winning, according to the Bundesliga web portal.

This experience would not be the only one. He trained Bayern Munich in 1987, where he would remain until 1991. There he achieved two Bundesliga and won a German Super Cup, but due to a bad start in the 91-92 season, he was dismissed from the club.

In 2008 he would return to Bayern as a provisional coach to recover the team from a bad season. Already eliminated from Champions, Heynckes managed the impossible. The team achieved the second place in the league and got them qualified to Champions. However, he was not hired as a technical director.

In 2011 it would be the golden age of Bayern with Heynckes, arriving in that year and achieving everything in the 2012-2013 season, where he would retire as coach. However, Heynckes would return to work with the same team in 2017 winning the league, cup and Supercup, this time his retirement was definitive.

Athletic Bilbao was also the home of Heynckes twice. The first, from 1992 to 1994 where he improved the level of the Spanish team. The second, from 2001 to 2003 the team had a good performance in the league but without getting to qualify for Champions, which is why his contract was not renewed.


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Carlos Bianchi

From 1998 to 2001 Bianchi directed Boca Juniors, where he would remain in history of the club. He won three Argentine leagues (one of them undefeated), two Libertadores Cup (after 22 years without being able to win it), an Opening Tournament and the Closing Tournament. He would also win an Intercontinental Cup after beating Real Madrid. In 2001 he leaved the team after finishing the contract, according to the newspaper As.

In 2003, Bianchi would return to the Argentine club to win another Libertadores Cup, a league and the Intercontinental Cup against AC Milan. However, he would resign in 2004 after losing the final Libertadores Cup final match, claiming that it was "the best for the team", leaving as the most winning coach in Boca’s history. However, he would return in 2013 - after rejecting several proposals in previous years - although this time he would not get any title, and in 2014 he would be fired for the poor results achieved, according to the newspaper La Gaceta.

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Luis Fernando Tena

The Mexican coach is known for his time at Cruz Azul, a club he has run four times. In 1994 when he began his career as a coach until 1996, where he did not win any title. In 1997 he would return and win the Mexican League, after 17 years without the club winning. Tena would stay until 2000 after not obtaining any other title, according to Fútbol Sapiens.

However, 2004 would be another year for Tena to return to Cruz Azul; That same year he said goodbye to the team for not achieving the objectives. However, in 2014 he returned and won the Concacaf League. In spite of this, in 2005 he would bid farewell to the club, according to data from Transfermarkt.


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