These three Colombian artists have impacted the world (2nd part)

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Cinema, dance, and sculpture are some of the artistic expressions with which these Colombians have impacted the world

These three Colombian artists have impacted the world (2nd part)

In recent years, the artistic disciplines in which Colombians have excelled in the world have been joined by cinema. Here, we present you the second part of our special about colombian artists.

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Ciro Guerra (Filmmaker)

The director was born in Río de Oro, in the department of Cesar, Colombia. Guerra is recognized for his film "El Abrazo de la Serpiete" (The Embrace of the Serpiete) carried out in 2015, which was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film in 2016.

Among the festivals to which he was invited is Cannes, Tribeca, Seoul, Bangkok and Guadalajara among others. Among his most recognized productions are: "The Wind Trips" launched in 2009 from which he wrote the script and directed, his most recent production Pájaros de Veranos (Birds of Summer) which only directed and recently reported is pre-nominated to The Oscar Awards.

Without a doubt, he is an artist who has impacted the world and make his country proud with his productions.

Omar Rayo (Painter, Engraver and Sculptor)

The artist was born in Roldanillo municipality of Valle del Cauca, department of Colombia. His career began as a caricaturist drawing and illustrating for newspapers and magazines in important cities such as Cali and Bogotá. He belonged to the cubist movement headed by Pablo Picasso.

His style was focused on the geometric figure without being abstract, it was characterized for being a geometric-optical art where it was expressed with white, black and red through squares, rectangles and zigzag lines.

He held more than 200 exhibitions around the world in countries such as Japan, Hungary, Spain and Mexico, among others. In 1981, he founded the Rayo Museum of Drawing and Latin American Engraving in his hometown of Roldanillo. Sadly, on June 7, 2010, he died. Rayo left an important legacy in the Colombian art.


Felipe Díaz Gomez (Dancer)

He is perhaps one of the most internationally recognized dancers. He is also the son of the dancers Jaime Díaz and Ana Consuelo Gómez, director of the Ana Pavlova Ballet Academy, precisely where Felipe started his career at age 10 where he studied until he was 14. Later, he won a scholarship to study at the San Francisco School.

After this, he wanted to expand his horizons and traveled with his wife, also a dancer, to Europe. There, he wanted to participate in the Royal Ballet of London and the Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam. At 38 years of age, after impacting the world with his dance, Felipe decided to become a dance professor and dedicate himself to what he likes most but now teaching.


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Una publicación compartida por Felipe Diaz Gomez (@feldiazinsane) el


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