Argentina tries to stop the 'barras bravas'

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After the events perpetuated by fans of River Plate in the final of the Copa Libertadores, some deputies proposed a package of laws to stop violence on the courts

Argentina tries to stop the 'barras bravas' (supporters groups)

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, in recent days has sought to push several laws to stop the embarrassing facts surrounding the Argentine courts because every year there are incidents similar to those experienced in the liberators of this year.

Leer en español: Argentina intenta frenar a las barras bravas

Because of this, and as reported by NotiAmérica, Macri stated that: "In view of this embarrassing fact, we have included in extraordinary legislative sessions, the treatment of a law that typifies the type of crime ('barra brava') in this field and in this respect we can act with greater clarity and forcefulness ".

This law had problems to be approved in the passage by its legislature since many of the deputies did not agree in some points of this one. Specifically, and as reported by EFE news agency, some parliamentarians did not reach agreements on penalties related to the resale of tickets, false locations and penalties for those who do not behave.

On the other hand, the aforementioned Spanish network described the process that this package of laws should follow: "The general project of the Criminal and Procedural Regime for the Prevention and Repression of Crimes in Football Spectacles, which, if it can be approved by the Deputies still need to pass to the Senate for debate and eventual final sanction, it becomes crimes, punishable by a greater penalty, facts that until now were considered contraventions "

This law will surely be approved, although the exact date is not known yet.

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Types of sanctions

The mentioned laws want to attack three fundamental points to end the violence and these are: the false entries, the weapons in general and the explosive devices.

The Spanish portal El Periódico, described how the penalties for the violent ones would be thought.

1. A penalty of 2 to 8 years is envisaged for individuals, groups, organizers and club officials who intend to resell official tickets for Argentine matches.

2. A penalty of 6 months to 2 years in prison is proposed for people who wear sharp objects in order to intimidate other fans.

3. Finally, penalties of 2 to 6 years are envisaged for persons who have explosive devices in their possession without the required permits.

Buenos Aires, hit by violence

At the end of November, two of the best teams in South America (Boca Juniors and River Plate) were scheduled to play the second match of the Copa Libertadores final, at Estadio Monumental, of River Plate. However, the violence on the part of the fans tarnished this football party.

As reported by the Argentine newspaper Notiamerica, some fans of River released all kinds of objects to the bus of Boca Juniors, when he was preparing to enter the stadium. This embarrassing fact left as balance several injured players, and the suspension of the super final for several days, until its resolution at the Santiago Bernabéu.

For these facts, and the lack of response regarding Argentine justice, Mauricio Macri made strong statements: "How can it be that (...) the police arrested 23 people after all the excesses of Saturday and that hours later, those people are free? ", according to the information provided by NotiAmerica.


LatinAmerican Post | Miguel Diaz

Translated from "Argentina intenta frenar a las barras bravas"

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