Find out the best selling beer in every Latin American country

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The beer industry is one of the most important in Latin America. Therefore, each country in the region prides itself on its own brands

Find out the best selling beer in every Latin American country

The sale of beer in Latin America maintains a general growth throughout the continent. According to Euromonitor, consumers identify brands with local needs, which leads the brands to validate themselves more strongly in the markets.

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Some analysis of the most valuable economic activities in Latin countries clearly reflects the phenomenon of the valuation of beer brands. An annual study carried out by the firm Kantar Millward Brown, shows that of the six most valuable brands in the South of the American continent, 5 are beer brands. These brands are just some of the most recognized Latin beers.

Here, we present the favorite beers in Latin American


With an appropriation of 67% of the market for the sale of beer, the "Cervecería y maltería Quilmes SAICA y G" dominates the Argentine scene. Its best-selling products, which are also on the national scene, are Brahama and Quilmes classic, formerly called Quilmes Cristal, according to Euro-monitor reports.

Recently, the company, in an unorthodox but multiple times repeated movement throughout the continent, lauded the Patagonia Bar, its own brewing bar, thus promoting, in addition to its more consolidated brands, its Premium line led by Patagonia.


Since 2016, Bolivia experienced an unprecedented increase in beer sales. In 2017, 400 million liters were sold. The Paceña beer, the main beer competitor of the Bolivian nation, Cervecería Boliviana Nacional, was the best sold.

Part of its marketing strategy was the launch of the new presentation of Paceña, the Macanuda. A version of 710 ml, in contrast to the traditional presentation of 620 ml boost per capita consumption, helping sales.


For many years, Brazil had the most valuable beer brand, aligned with being the most beer-consuming country in the region. Skol and Brahma are the best-selling brands of beer in the country.

In Brazil, 12.5 billion liters of beer were sold in 2017, a figure that although impressive, if contrasted with the nearly 14 billion in 2014, may be the reflection of a transformation in the behavior of consumers.


With the Cristal and Escudo brands, the company Cía. Cervecerías Unidas leads the national beer sales market. In 2017, the company sold around 930 million liters, according to Euro-monitor.

The Chilean market has presented a common phenomenon throughout the continent of a transfer to Premium beers. Despite this transition, traditional brands are still leaders in the country. It is worth mentioning that the activities of the creative company of Cristal y Escudo, CCU have strengthened their activities internationally with a presence in Colombia and Argentina.


Being the third Latin American country that consumes the most beer, the most preferred brands in the coffee nation are Águila and Póker .

The first increased its sales and increased its value by 2% from the previous one, now valued at 3924 million dollars.


According to Euromonitor, Mexico is the second most beer-consuming country in the region with 52.1 liters of beer per capita per year, seconding Brazil.

Of the brands sold, Corona and Modelo are preferred. Corona beer, it is worth clarifying, is the most valuable brand in Latin America.


The Union of Peruvian breweries Backus & Johnston SAA, a local company of the Anheuser-Busch InBev conglomerate, produce the two best-selling beers in Peru: Pilsen Callao and Cristal .

The Peruvian company has control of 96% of the market, which this year increased 5% in sales. The knowledgeable portal of the Peruvian market, the Bunker, reports Pilsen is the most sold beer in the country.


The Pilsen beer from the National Beer Factory (FNC) is the leading brewing product in the southern country. This is not surprising, since, according to Euro Monitor, FNC dominates the Uruguayan market with a market share of 88%.


Despite the difficulties present in the country, the Polar Brewery keeps its products Polar Light and Polar Ice as the best selling beers in the country.

The difficulties to obtain quality raw material for the manufacture of the product has caused a 25% decline in the total volume consumed compared to the previous year.

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This is the best-selling beer of some other countries in the region according to the Vinepair alcoholic drinks portal:

Costa Rica




The Savior







Salva Vida






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