CR7: the real reasons why he left Real Madrid

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Among the main reasons for the Portuguese to left the real Madrid are economic and legal issues as well as Messi

CR7: the real reasons why he left Real Madrid

Undoubtedly the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid caused a stir in the football world. However, his absence in the Merengue team was without major trauma and Juventus received him without any obstacles, being a relevant signing for his claims in the competitions in Italy and throughout Europe.

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There are several reasons for CR7 to leave Real Madrid. The Olé newspaper in Argentina says that the Portuguese stopped playing in Madrid for some curious details, citing "legal problems, his salary, and even Messi" reflects the sports newspaper of Buenos Aires.

However, another source, as detailed by El Mundo, the conflict began after its fiscal problem in Spain erupted. "Cristiano did not want to have the same inconvenience as Lionel with the Hacienda" reflects the Spanish media.

Another important reason was economic, which strongly affected the relationship between the player and the team's board. They express in the Argentine media that Ronaldo never surpassed that both Messi and Neymar won more than him in their respective clubs. "It's a lack of respect that I, the Golden Ball, earn less. It's not money, its status, respect,” said the Lusitanian striker.

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The president spoke

The club's president, Florentino Perez, issued a statements that was reflected by the web portal sport.es where he admits the following: "The clauses that Madrid puts to its players are not for payment, they are dissuasive," said Pérez, referring to everything that happened in Ronaldo's departure to Juventus and the reason why he was forced to lower his clause of rescission.

In a meeting with the media, the executive said that "The most expensive sale this year has been Cristiano's. When we all believe that the best thing is this that has happened, we reach an agreement," Florentino Pérez continued explaining.

"In Madrid, nobody gave more than 100 million," said Real Madrid president on offer from Juventus. "He wanted to go by subject’s people and the most that have gone has been for that amount, we have not had many more offers," said Florentino Perez.



Juve said it was easy

Fabio Paratici, sporting director of Juventus, assured at the time that the Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing was carried out without major obstacles. On the ESPN sports website, they reflected the following "with Cristiano it was quite easy because he wanted to sign for Juventus. There was no need to convince him," said the leader.

He also assured that shortly after the final of 'Champions' he had already decided. "He said 'if Juventus is there, I just want to go to Juventus,'" Paratici said in an interview broadcast on Italian private television Sky Sports.

What is expected from CR7

In Turin, they expect from the Portuguese his best version for what comes from 2019. Some talk about Ronaldo's second youth in the Italian league. At 33, the aspiration of the Lusitanian is to achieve everything in the Italian league, less demanding than the Spanish. Sport.es portal reported that Juventus has prepared with Cristiano Ronaldo a work plan so it helps him fulfill his performance in January 2019.

According to the Italian newspaper 'Tuttosport' Juventus is following with 'CR7' the same pattern as most of the big clubs with their big stars: a personalized work pattern to achieve their best performance in the decisive phase of the championship.

On the other hand, the web portal Pasion Futbol assures that the Italian team expects Cristiano to start shining as of the second semester of the season, as it happened in the last seasons with Real Madrid.

The main objective of CR7 and Juve is to think about the final of the Champions League. That is why Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, said that the reason is to dose as much as possible his goal scorer, with this it is expected that in March the Portuguese reaches his best form, when it will be defined the eliminatory of the Eighth-Finals of the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid (March 12).

"We want to reach the top in March when the decisive stage of the Champions comes. It will have to be as decisive as it has been in recent years," the coach told Sky Sports. After winning the trophy with Real Madrid four times, the Portuguese looking to get it with a third team,

No less important for CR7 will be to achieve supremacy in the Italian league. Expanding his legend in a renowned third local league will be relevant to Portuguese, after winning everything in Spain and England. In 18 games in the Italian Serie A, he already shows excellence.



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