Tatiana Calderón: on her way to Formula 1

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The Colombian pilot managed to consolidate herself as one of the most outstanding Latin athletes in 2018

Tatiana Calderón: on her way to Formula 1

As if there had been few exploits of the Bogota, Tatiana Calderón, in 2018, her new goal for this year is to win a seat in Formula 1. In an interview for Marca Claro Colombia, she hinted that her main objective is get to the aforementioned competition. However, her statements were overwhelming: the road is not easy and is full of obstacles.

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"I think that the closer you get to the target, it gets harder. There are only 20 seats in the world, you have to be in the right place at the right time ... now my goal is to make Formula 2 in 2019, I think, if I do a good job there, there can be bigger and more concrete opportunities in Formula 1"

For her statements it is clear that, while her main objective is to get to Formula 1, the way to achieve this feat is to have an excellent performance in the next races she will have in Formula 2.

Gaining reputation

Tatiana Calderón, being one of the South Americans with more reputation in this sport, admitted that in the past the men and the teams did not really take it seriously . According to the newspaper El Colombiano, the Bogota has recognized that in recent months people, seeing their career in the aforementioned competitions and being one of the pilots who test cars for Alfa Romeo, have begun to take seriously. These were his comments on this:

"This is one of the few sports in which we can compete hand in hand with men. Obviously earning respect has not been easy and that is what we have tried to do in recent years. I think that people take me more seriously and that is why we can break those barriers and get to F-1 quickly "

On the other hand, it is evident that in motor sports, the prevalence of man as a competitive figure remains latent, but it is a socially created conception, because the cars do not depend neither on physical strength nor on frictions between players, they depend more of cunning and skills at the wheel.

For the above, Calderón dedicated, on the subject, some words for Marca Claro Colombia saying the following: "As women it touches us harder because there is the perception that we can not be as competitive as men in the case of motorsport. But for example, in my case, what I love is motor sport, I love being in a race car, so I think that when you have that desire at the end the genre will be irrelevant. "

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Breaking gender barriers

In several interviews given to media such as, La FM, El Colombiano, Marca and El Espectador, Tatiana Calderón showed her interest in putting women in the spotlight, her career not only has personal goals, she also wants to give the example that women are equally capable to men . Beyond competitions, one of the main purposes of this Colombian is to inspire more women to meet their goals and pursue their dreams in sport.


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