5 basic cares you should have with your newborn

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If your newborn baby is about to arrive home, these tips are perfect to be prepared

5 basic cares you should have with your newborn

Whether you are a first-time mom or not, the arrival of a baby at home not only comes with excitement, but also with some concerns and doubts from parents. We tend to see babies as very fragile beings, and we worry about doing something wrong and hurting them, that's why it's good to be prepared. Today we bring you 5 basic cares you should have with your baby so that everything goes well and you can be calmer.

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1. Umbilical cord stump care

It is normal that after the umbilical cord has been cut by which your baby received the nutrients, it was a part known as a stump that will gradually fall and eventually become the navel of your little one. Like the rest of your body, it must also be cleaned to avoid infections (which are very unlikely due to the process used in hospitals) or bad odors. The stump usually falls off 10 or 11 days after birth, during that time clean it only with water, because, contrary to what is believed is not advisable to apply alcohol. Once you have cleaned it with water, dry it well.

2. Do not bath him every day!

Think of it this way: your baby has just arrived in the world and everything in it is completely new, so he must get used to it little by little. The daily baths dry your baby's skin and this can cause dermatological problems in the near future. In addition, the bath also eliminates the bacteria that are still necessary for a healthy growth. That is why you should avoid bathing it every day. It is recommended to bathe every 2 or 3 days and clean the tail with soap and water every day, so they will get used to it little by little and at one point they will be able to bathe every day.

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3. Create sleep routines from day 1

Newborn babies have a very irregular sleep, which is why you should start creating sleep routines from day 1. Try to take him to sleep every day at the same time so that he assimilates the sleep pattern that his body should establish. Of course, at the beginning it will not be easy, but think about it this way: it is better to do it from now on, to wait and then be more sleepless nights for you. In addition, your baby will feel more energized and rested by establishing routines.

4. The genitals

It is normal that in the genital area, the skin of your baby is red and excretes secretions, in the case of girls, they may even have blood. But do not worry, it's normal and it happens due to the amount of hormones they received from you. What you should do is clean with water and keep the area dry. This should happen during the first six weeks, if after this time they still present the same secretions you should take your baby to the pediatrician.

5. Do we have to wait to cut the nails?

Babies with long nails can scratch you while you nurse or consent, you can even scratch yourself. Many people believe that the baby can only have their nails cut until after 2 months of birth, but the truth is that you can do it from birth. It is more important than anything to have patience and tenderness. It is better that from his first days you get used to him and also so that with the passage of time it is less complicated. Cut them off with round-nosed scissors or lighten them if you do not feel safe at first. Yes, do it when you are calm, or you can get nervous with their sudden movements.


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