These are the winners of the Golden Globes

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We bring you the list of winning series and films of the Golden Globes and we show you where you can watch them

These are the winners of the Golden Globes

On Sunday, January 6, the 76th Golden Globe awards ceremony was held, which awards prizes for the best cinema and television of the last year. In this release, all the productions of 2018 participated and could see a diversity in either genres and formats, in the list of nominees. These are the winners and this is how you can have access to them in Latin America.

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The Americans: Best drama series

This series chronicles the life of two married KGB spies during the 1980s who live outside of Washington DC when Ronald Reagan has just been inaugurated as president of the United States and at a time when Russian-American relations United are in a silent tension. In the first semester of 2018, The Americans premiered its sixth and final season, which was awarded the Best Golden Globe drama series.

The life of these Soviet spies was transmitted by the FOX network during the first part of 2018, now you can see it through the FOX payment service. If you have not seen anything of the series, you can find the first four seasons in DVD version.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Best Drama Movie

Bohemian Rhpasody tells the life of British singer Freddie Mercury, frontman of the band Queen. This tape was one of the most anticipated of 2018, and one of the most rugged as well since it changed twice as director. While it was acclaimed by the public and made millions of young people to listen to the successes of the rock band, the criticism was hard with this film at the end of the year when it was released.

Now, by winning this award, it gains the respect of some. It is still in theaters of some Latin American films, although it was released months ago, and will return for the awards season.

Green Book: Best film in the comedy or musical genre

In Green Book, an Italian-American white man from the southern United States must work as a chauffeur and bodyguard for an eccentric and rude black pianist during his tour in 1962. Together they embark on a journey that will be marked by a racist sixties society in which it's curious situation is unthinkable: a white man working for a black man.

Although the theme is serious, this film is a comedy that explores racism in North America using humor. This film also won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Its premiere is very recent and will fill Latin American movie theaters in the month of February.

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Rome: Best film in non-English language

This is another of the most anticipated films of 2018. It had won at León de Oro at the Venice International Film Festival in the summer of last year and we were able to see it until December.

It tells a year of the life of a middle-class family that lives in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, but more specifically Cleo, the maid, and her relationship with her employer, with the children of the house and even with the political and social context of Mexico in 1970. Alfonso Cuarón, its director, also won the Golden Globe for Best Director. It has been acclaimed by critics and the public. You can watch it on Netflix.

Spider-Man: a new universe: Best animated film

It was a great year for animation. Among the nominees, there's no longer a dictatorship of Dinsey and Pixar, although these studios have released good films during 2018. The year began with the premiere of Black Panther and ended with the premiere of this film in which a black teenager, fanatic Spider-Man, must become the apprentice of this superhero. So it was a great year for black representation in superhero films.

This Marvel film has won the Best Animated Film award. You can still see it in theaters.

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The Assassination of Giani Versace: American Crime Story : Best Miniseries or Telefilm

It is the second installment of the American Crime Story series, directed by Ryan Murphy. In this second installment, the events surrounding the murder of famed designer Gianni Versace are narrated between the LGBTIQ + the 90s world, the fashion industry, the escape of a murderer and their delusions of greatness are explored, both visually and narratively. .

For all this, was awarded the prize for Best Miniseries. Darren Chris, its protagonist and who portrays Andrew Cunanan, the designer's assistant, also won the Best Actor in a miniseries or telefilm. The series was broadcast by FX during the first half of 2018 but now you can watch it through the FOX streaming service.

The Kominsky method: Best comedy or musical series

The story of two friends facing elderly and fear of loneliness and death. But, again, as dark as this sounds, it is a comedy. The wife of one of them orders his best friend to take care of her husband when she dies. And when this happens, the two friends must confront what remains of life and their uncertainties and anguish in the company of the other.

Michael Douglas, who stars in this series, has also won the Best Leading Actor in Comic Series award. It is produced by Netflix, so you can see it on this platform.


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