This is the penalty that Manchester City could receive

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The possible punishment to the English box puts on alert the biggest clubs in Europe not to skip the rules of the game

This is the penalty that Manchester City could receive

Recently, there have been some rumors about the possible sanctions that would be applied to certain teams for breaching the financial fair play, that is, for not being up to date with the financial commitments and spending more money than the club receives. These cases of non-compliance are usually sanctioned with economic fines or preventing the club to sign players for a certain period of time.

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According to the Spanish newspaper AS, in 2014, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain were fined with 60 million euros, in addition to generating a reduction in the number of players that could register in the championships and allowing them to sign no more than 60 million euros in players.

This does not only happen with big clubs. The Albanian club Tirana, the Serbian Vojvodina, the Kazakh Irtysh, and the Swiss Zion were also punished in April 2018 for cases of financial fair play.

However, despite UEFA's efforts to balance the competition worldwide, the clubs continue to violate this rule.

This is the actual case of Manchester City because, according to the newspaper ABC, "UEFA and Premier League are investigating emails and contracts in which the English club would have received 59.5 million pounds in 2015 from the owners of Abu Dhabi United Group, and not from Etihad, as Manchester City assured ".

If confirmed that the "citizen" breached the financial rule, they would impose the toughest penalty in the history of football ; the newspaper ABC reports that "According to the British newspapers 'The Telegraph' and 'Daily Mail', Manchester City will be expelled from the Champions League for financial doping. This was stated by Yves Leterme, director of the UEFA Financial Control Committee, in statements to the Belgian website 'Sport and Strategy'.

The English club would not be the only team in this situation, as the PSG is awaiting the resolution by the TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) due to the request of UEFA to reopen an investigation to the French club".

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The importance of financial fair play lies in trying to make football as competitive as possible, because a club that can spend 2 or 3 times more money than another in signings, would have a great advantage over other teams.

Not all big clubs have problems with this rule, Real Madrid is one of the teams that is up to date with their financial obligations. According to the newspaper ABC, "Real Madrid is in positive valuation, in optimal numbers, with the + sign, the last economic control reveals 92 million in player spending and 139 million invested in the sale of footballers."


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UEFA will continue to investigate the clubs in negative balances such as the PSG (-311 million euros), City (-246 million euros) and Barcelona (-176 million euros), because of high-cost signings and the little sale of players. In order to comply with fair play, the teams will have to sell players and start balancing their accounts if their intention is to avoid a strong sanction like the one that could be imposed on them if they were found guilty.


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