Do you dare to get into these horror movie sets?

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The house set of the Netflix movie Bird Box has become an attraction for tourists. We show you another 7 sets of terror and suspense that you can visit

Do you dare to get into these horror movie sets?

Bird Box has been Netflix's sensation movie since its premiere, less than a month ago. The film, which chronicles the journey of Malorie and her two children downstream trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic blind world, so they don't see the monsters that make people commit suicide from seeing them, has inspired many reactions on the web.

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These range from the infinite memes to a "challenge" that challenged fans to go out into the street to do activities of daily life blindfolded. Netflix had to release a statement in which it asked fans of the film not to do the #BirdBoxChallenge.

A reaction to the film, however, has stood out more in recent days than the others: the property on which it was recorded has become an attraction for tourists.

According to Infobae, fans visit the house a few kilometers northeast of Los Angeles every day to take pictures with the facade. This is not an official attraction like other sets that can be visited in the studios of Los Angeles but there are spontaneous visits of tourists and fans of the film. According to TMZ, the owner of the property received 12 million dollars for allowing it to be recorded in it.

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These are other locations of terror and suspense that you can visit if you want to do another type of tourism, even more terrifying and spooky.

1. Bates Motel, Psycho (1960)

The list begins with this classic horror of an also classic director: Alfred Hitchcock. It is not exactly the motel where the murders occur, but rather the house adjacent to the motel that Norman Bates has with his mother.

It is located in Universal City and visitors to Universal Studios can spend next to it and get to know it. In the film, we always see it in black and white and at night, so in the studios, it looks different, but it always keeps its terrifying air since it can be seen hidden among the plants.

2. Bodega Bay, The Birds (1963)

This other Alfred Hitchcock classic takes place in Bodega Bay, a town that is mysteriously invaded by birds. This town is real and it is in the state of California. It is also famous for the existence of an abandoned nuclear power plant. The film not only takes the name of this town, but it was recorded almost in its entirety there, so if you visit Bodega Bay, you will see the restaurant and the school of the film.

3. Rosemary's apartment, Rosemary's baby (1968)

The Dakota building in New York is better known because it was where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived and in whose entrance the singer was killed. However, it is also the building where the apartment is located where Rosemary and her husband move to start a family and where they would beget the son of Satan in Roman Polanski's suspense classic. It is a recognized building that today is inhabited by other people and is in Manhattan.

4. Stairs, The Exorcist (1973)

Perhaps one of the most remembered scenes of this horror classic, besides all those in which the demon Pazuzu manifests in the body of the little Regan, is the one in which Father Karras rolls down the stairs with the intention of killing to the devil This scene, although it is not the most impressive, is perhaps the most intriguing, since it is the one that, at the end of the film, shows the outcome of the events. These stairs are located in Washington DC and are marked with a plaque.

5. The gas station, The Texas Massacre (1974)

A group of friends is dismembered by a serial killer who uses human skin to make the masks with which he scares and hunts his victims in this gas station. It is located in Bastrop, Texas and, according to Hello Gigles, it lasted a long time, so it became very attractive for fans. Now it's a horror-themed BBQ restaurant.

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6. House of Michael Myers, Halloween (1978)

Michael Myers wore his classic mask on the big screen for the first time in 1978 in the movie Halloween, in which he frightened the teenagers of a town of Illinois. However, the film was shot in Pasadena, California and this villain's house is part of many tour tours of locations in California. In Pasadena, in addition, you can also travel the path taken by Laurie Strode, the protagonist, from her home to school and where she saw Michael Myers following her.

7. Seneca Creek State Park, The Blair Witch Project (1999)

This film quickly became a cult film within the genre of documentary horror, of "found footage". Three film students go into their cameras in a forest and what they documented is found years later. The film was shot in this Maryland national park, at the base of which is the Black Rock Mill house, where students are confronted by the witch on the tape.


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