3 of the most curious and strange museums in the world

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What happens when museums go out of the conventional to be the strangest? Here we show you three of the oddest museums in the world

3 of the most curious and strange museums in the world

Hair Museum (Turkey)

This museum is located in an underground cave, under a pottery shop in the city of Avanos in Cappadocia Turkey, a place renowned for its archeology and traditional craftsmanship and was born of a romantic love story.

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It is said that more than thirty years ago, the potter Chez Galip fell in love with a girl whom he asked for marriage, but considering that she would leave Avanos forever, the young woman could not accept the proposal, so Galip then asked her for something to remember. The girl then left him a lock of hair.

The lover located the lock on one of the walls of the museum, which since then, have been filled with tufts as more and more tourists arrive, as they also left some strands of hair. The museum houses more than sixteen thousand hair strands of women from all over the world, each with its own name and origin.


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Museum of Broken Relations (Zagreb, Croatia)

The Croatian capital houses a curious museum that exhibits inconclusive romances, loves and failed love affairs. That's right, the Museum of Broken Relations contains hundreds of artifacts of all kinds that belonged to former lovers, accompanied by a small message about the objects and their meaning in the relationship of which he was a part.

In 2006, it began as a temporary collection of donated objects and was in Latin America, more precisely in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The owners of the concept are two Croatian artists: Olinka Vištica, a film producer and the sculptor Dražen Grubišić, who had a romantic relationship for four years.

When they separated, they joked about the creation of a museum with everything they had forgotten in their respective houses, an issue that then became a reality. It is about donating objects and recovering from a breakup through humor and introspection, avoiding emotional collapse by feeling identified through exposure.


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International Cryptozoology Museum (Portland, United States)

Who hasn't wondered if creatures like the Loch Ness monster or the abominable snowman are real? Well, we have news, there is a museum that is dedicated to exposing all those animals without verification and mystical creatures of which so far there are only rumors.

This is the only one in the world and was created by naturalist and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman who created a collection of supposed specimens, relics, and artifacts of mythical creatures, as well as hair and fecal matter from animals that have probably never stepped on the ground.

Since its creation, the museum has had a history of awards and recognition, as in 2014 when it entered the Time magazine ranking as one of the ten rarest museums in the world.



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