10 books you must read before dying (Part One)

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These books are for children, for young people, for adults, for everyone!

10 books you must read before dying (Part One)

Reading has been known for centuries as the best form of entertainment and leisure. It has the ability to take you to the past, to the future, to show you alternative realities to the present, and takes you to real places and others that you would not have imagined even in the most crazy of your dreams. For those of us who love reading, books have a very strong emotional value and one of the things that worries us the most is not reading everything we want.

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That is why when choosing what to read you could find very helpufll tips. Here we present 11 books that you should have next to your bedside table at some point in your life. In this first part, we will recommend some children's books because it is never late enough to enjoy a good time and even have nostalgia. Here, you will see our selection of more substantial books.

1. The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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We know, this is usually the most recommended, but it really is a book that you cannot miss. It is the story of an aviator who has been stranded in the Sahara desert and meets a very particular child who has embarked on a long journey from his planet, the asteroid B612, to planet earth. Using a very tender language, Saint-Exupéry touches one of the most difficult topics to explain to a child: death.

2. The incredible book eating boy, Oliver Jeffers


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Oliver Jeffers is not only a great illustrator, but he also invents funny stories, an example of which is the incredible boy comelibros, the book that tells the story of Enrique, a boy who loves to eat books ... literally. In addition, when he eats them, his brain retains all the information to the point of being close to becoming the most intelligent person in the world. However, something will go wrong, and Enrique will have to change his eating habits to eat books, but in a different way.

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3. Platero and I , Juan Ramón Jiménez


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The great Spanish author left us this classic in which joy and pain come together to embed the reader. The most beautiful of this book is that the author did not do it specifically for children, he himself says in the prologue of the book: " This short book, where joy and grief are twins, like Platero's ears, is written for ... What do I know for whom! ... For whom we wrote the lyric poets ... Now that it's going to the children, I do not take it off or put a comma on it".

Despite having a language of the Spain of the first half of the twentieth century, this book is easy to read and above all generates many emotions.

4. The black book of colors , Menena Cottin


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We all have the right to enjoy the pleasure of reading and this book fulfills allowing this to adults and blind children. It is written alphabetically and also in Braille and explains how colors are from flavors and different objects that can be easily identified. It is an opening to understand the world from eyes that feel.


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