7 tips to calm your baby's colic

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We present some of the best tips to calm your baby's colic

7 tips to calm your baby's colic

If you know that everything is in order with the health of your baby but he cries for consecutive hours, is agitated and has gas, it is very likely that he has colic. According to the Nestlé Baby newspaper, about 40% of babies breast-fed or bottle-fed suffer colics between two weeks and three or four months of age.

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Colic usually occurs due to immaturity of the nervous and digestive system, ingestion of air, overfeeding, or food intolerance. However, although it does not represent a greater risk, it is extremely frustrating for parents, since what works to calm a child does not work for another.

That's why we present some of the best tips to calm your baby with colic:

1. Give him a gentle massage: the daily Babies and more recommends giving gentle massage to your baby to help him expel the gases after each shot. You can do it in a circle, clockwise, make the bicycle with his legs or carrying him upside down, with his stomach resting on your arm.

2. A car ride: Baby Center, like many parents, affirm that the movement, noise, and vibration produced by the car is a holy remedy for colic. Put your baby in his car seat and drive out to see if the ride soothes him.


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3. The hot water on your baby's stomach can be effective. Some babies like this feeling, so you could fill a special bag with warm water, wrap it in a towel, put it on his stomach and put your baby on top of you. Always check that the water is not too hot, because what seems warm to you may be too hot for the sensitive skin of a baby.

4. Music: the songs that you listened to during your pregnancy can serve as a soothing for babies in full cry, according to a children's guide. However, you can also find sounds that are interesting to your baby and manage to distract him from his discomfort.



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5. Do not lose your cool and have a quiet atmosphere at home: babies are very receptive and your nerves can alter him and make it worse.

6. Give the baby a warm bath

7. If none of this works, remember that time is the remedy that never fails for infant colic, because after four months of life this crying and discomfort will disappear.

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